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  • Browncoat
    started a topic Docero (again)

    Docero (again)

    I built some Docero towers a while back, and while I was pleased with the result, I don't have room for them any more. After considering my options, I decided to pull the components and build a bookshelf set of Doceros.

    The drivers were not going to come out easily, but after a bit of...
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  • Efalegalo
    started a topic DK - Isiris (V2) - Build

    DK - Isiris (V2) - Build

    Hi All,

    I figured I've made enough progress that I can start to share build pictures. I've made a ton of cosmetic mistakes so far - but I've learned not to go out the way to point them out (lol).

    It's been a challenge so far. Some comments for others that may consider this...
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  • mlammert
    started a topic Mark's Statements to Statement IIs Build Thread

    Mark's Statements to Statement IIs Build Thread

    In 2008, I can't believe it has been that long, I took the long and rewarding journey of building a very modified set of Statements.

    DIY (Do it yourself): Cabinetry, speakers, subwoofers, crossovers, measurements. Jon and Thomas have probably designed and built as many speakers as any non-professionals. Who are we kidding? They are pros, they just don't do it for a living. This has got to be one of the most advanced places on the net to talk speaker building, period.

    After much research and contemplation, I have decided to...
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  • Any thoughts on side mounted woofer (CSS SDX10) in floorstander designs?

    (Just more pondering with parts on hand)

    I currently have a pair of:

    1) SB Acoustics SB26ADC Tweeters
    2) SB Acoustics SB17MFC35-8 Mid-woofers
    3) CSS SDX 10 Woofers

    I was contemplating using the trio in a slim (relatively speaking) floor-stander with...
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  • Statements II - Question on Length of Mid Tunnel and Curved Cabinets

    I am currently toying with the idea of upgrading my Statements to the Statement IIs.

    If I am going to do that, I am now thinking of building new cabinets.

    My preliminary idea shows my cabinet being 1.5 inches deeper than the original design. For a total depth of approximately...
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  • Started building some towers and a center, Anthology/Finalist

    First time build. So far so good. Just have one tower left to sand and paint.

    The paint is just polished Krylon from lowes.

    Powering everything with a Pioneer SC-27 so it should be about 160 watts to each tower and 180 to the center. I would like to hear them with a separate...
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  • rsbonini
    started a topic ZD3C w/ DQ25SC16 Tweeter Build

    ZD3C w/ DQ25SC16 Tweeter Build

    So, as discussed in the ZDT3-5-sort-of-Duelund-crossover-design-I-hope thread, I was looking to build the Zaph ZDT3.5/ZD3C speakers but with the same tweeter Zaph used on his ZA5 series designs. Since I was in need of a decent centre channel, I chose to start with that.

    I went a different...
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  • Horio
    started a topic Horio's Wavecor Ardent Build

    Horio's Wavecor Ardent Build

    So after many many months of talking about building a pair of Wavecor Ardents and collecting many of the parts, I've finally come to the point where some actual progress on the cabinets is being made. This thread will track the progress of my build, however don't be surprised if my build goes a bit...
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  • Another member of the Isiris family, built in the Ukraine

    Back in May, "Yurii" from the Ukraine wrote me about PDF plans for the Isiris. I sent those to him, with some comments, and today I got a thank you and a link to his Google photos library, where I've download a few pictures to share...

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  • TheWaveCarver
    started a topic First Build - RS180 Modula MT

    First Build - RS180 Modula MT

    I'm designing a pair of bookshelf loudspeakers with a friend. My friend has decent experience in woodworking but little in crossover design. Prior to working on this project, has has completed a pair of full range and 3-way speakers (With a premanufactured crossover for the 3-way - It did not sound...
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  • Garyf52
    started a topic Modula MT project under way

    Modula MT project under way

    I guess it's speaker building season. My latest project is a pair of Modula MT's, with the Dayton RS28a tweeters. I had the drivers in another set of speakers and decided to use them for a set of Modulas. Hopefully this will be an upgrade. Currently, one cabinet is assembled, one is in clamps to...
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  • kbzx35
    started a topic My Carmody Speedsters 2.1 build

    My Carmody Speedsters 2.1 build

    EDIT: Misread rules and would like mod approval first prior to posting thread. MODs please hide or delete this post unless you're ok with approving it. Sorry about that but don't want to be a line stepper.

    Hi everyone,
    Thought I'd share my latest build with a bedroom 2.1 setup...
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  • LonePine
    started a topic Zaph SR71, better late than never!

    Zaph SR71, better late than never!

    I'm a long time reader, and a first time poster. I appreciate the wealth of information on this site; it's very inspiring! My most recent build is the Zaph SR71; I'd been hoping to build these for quite some time and I finally got around to it. Here are some pics:

    The boxes
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  • dar47
    started a topic 6 Build Summer

    6 Build Summer

    I thought I share what I have been up to, I haven't contributed much lately.

    This would be 6 new speakers, 1 for me and the rest for others. I'll just sling you along as I make progress.

    1. Paul's (Undedfinition) Swoop MTM's and Centre. I built these before for my Mom's place...
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  • sdl2112
    started a topic Modula MT XE build

    Modula MT XE build

    Here's my version of the Modula MT XE. After doing the Troels Jenzen project for my brother, I wanted something new for me. I have a longer term project in mind but it will likely take over a year to complete so I wanted something sooner...what better project than the MT XE considering I already have...
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