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  • mjack
    started a topic Statement 2 curved speaker build thread

    Statement 2 curved speaker build thread

    I recently completed my Statement 2's and posted the results on here. I wanted to try to create a build thread with the few photos I took while building them for anyone that might be interested. A lot of the ideas for the build came from previous build threads on here. I don't know if I have anything...
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  • Boulderjl
    started a topic Statement II build

    Statement II build

    Hi all,
    I started out wanting to build some simple speakers, and the more research I did, the more I wanted to have a really nice set of speakers. Eventually, I stumbled onto Jim and Curt's designs and I am now building the Statement II's.
    I have read just about every Statement and Statement...
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  • aw818
    started a topic Statement II Center Build

    Statement II Center Build

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    I get it, the forum is filled with plenty of Statement builds so another one may be a bit redundant but before I took the plunge to make this speaker I reviewed pretty much any build I could find which helped build excitement towards...
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  • Sealed Statements II with RS28F Tweeter Crossover help!

    I am building the boxes (From the original size in two thousand eight) a set of Sealed Statements. I will be using the RS225-8 woofers, the NE123-8 mid bass speakers, but I want to use the RS28F-4 tweeter... basically a Sealed Statement II with the change from the ribbon tweeter to the RS28F.
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  • Bugeater75
    started a topic Bugeater75's Statement II Build

    Bugeater75's Statement II Build

    Here is my thread on my Statement II build. I know that there have been a lot of previous Statement build threads that I have read that helped me and answered some of my questions, so I figured I would try to contribute a little if I could. I would like to thank Curt, Jim, and Brian for their work...
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  • SaltyPaws
    started a topic Double curved Statement II and Statement II Centre

    Double curved Statement II and Statement II Centre

    With all the buzz around the Statements, I have to get myself a pair! The main complaint around the statements seems to be WAF, so my mission is to tackle that downside. I am planning to solve this, by adding curves to the statement. While this has been done before, I don't know of any build using my...
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  • deewan
    started a topic Statement II - The Remix

    Statement II - The Remix

    Some of the pictures no longer display because Photobucket discontinued their free picture hosting service. SORRY!

    Hey guys. It's been a while since I've been an active poster to the boards because I haven't been building many speakers in the past few years. That drought has come to...
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