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  • Boulderjl
    started a topic Statement II build

    Statement II build

    Hi all,
    I started out wanting to build some simple speakers, and the more research I did, the more I wanted to have a really nice set of speakers. Eventually, I stumbled onto Jim and Curt's designs and I am now building the Statement II's.
    I have read just about every Statement and Statement...
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  • Bazfletch3
    started a topic Suggestions for front LCR's

    Suggestions for front LCR's

    Hi all

    Looking for some suggestions for options for some hopefully tried and tested designs that might work as LCR's for our lounge area. Like most everyday lounge/family areas there are constraints and compromises everywhere, so Im just looking to try and make the best with what Ive...
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  • J-Rye
    started a topic Statement bass response?

    Statement bass response?

    I plan to build the Statement II LCR, and I plan to run with 2 or more large subs crossed around 60Hz. Which version of the Statement II (sealed or ported) sounds better in the 60-250Hz range?

    The "official" designs from Jim Holtz are all ported - I hate to deviate from that...
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  • Sealed Statements II with RS28F Tweeter Crossover help!

    I am building the boxes (From the original size in two thousand eight) a set of Sealed Statements. I will be using the RS225-8 woofers, the NE123-8 mid bass speakers, but I want to use the RS28F-4 tweeter... basically a Sealed Statement II with the change from the ribbon tweeter to the RS28F.
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  • Absolute Noob at wood working and am building Jim's Statement IIs

    Ok, I've been a long time browser of htguide, just never registered. You guys are an absolute treasure trove of knowledge! I've recently taken the plunge into diy and to start out, as a first ever project, built Jim's TriTrix speakers with the parts express kit. Kit being CNC'd, all the cuts were...
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  • bostonmurf
    started a topic Statement project begins

    Statement project begins

    I decided to take the plunge into the DIY speaker arena and after careful selection and reading many online forum reviews/builds and a few emails with Jim and Curt (thanks guys!) I chose to dive in head first and build the Statements.
    My overall plan is to create a 5.1 system to replace my current...
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