concerning rsp 1066 problems

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  • gopies
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2004
    • 12

    concerning rsp 1066 problems

    Hi guys,
    Have noticed a few concerning things with my rsp 1066 which I am not too happy about.
    Setup is : RSP 1066/ RMB 1075. Toshiba SD 2650 DVD player connected to 1066 via digital coaxial. These are the issues I have noticed:
    1) When a dvd starts there is a 1-2 second audio delay from when the image starts. This tends to mostly occur when starting the dvd.
    2) Occasional audible click/pop when going through dvd menus and selecting different audio settings.
    3) for some reason when using the toshiba's remote to skip forward the 1066 system status comes up.
    4) the most concerning of all is when scenes sometimes change I get an unstable video image akin to someone playing with a tv's v-hold. It lasts for a second. The worst was during the special features of " Scarface " when it occurred every scene change. This can not be reproduced on my mac and never occurred when the dvd player was connected directly to the dvd.

    I know these may sound petty to some but it is bloody annoying when you are trying to watch a dvd. From the technical point of view - my main concern is point 4.

    If anyone has had a similar problem(s) or knows a solution, I would be extremely grateful if you could let me know.

    kind regards
  • Stevebez
    Senior Member
    • Oct 2003
    • 458

    The popping is a problem I have also noticed - I assume you have latest software version as the latest updates were suppossed to reduce eliminate some of these problems. If not update! - recommended.

    The Menu coming up sounds like must be IR code clash. This could be very problematic to resolve, as you cannot assign different codes to 1066 and I doubt Toshiba could be changed either.

    The picture problem I have not experienced. I hook up my dvd directly to sceen via components. I have been told that 1066 cannot handle prog scan passthrough very weill, and have not even tried this hook up methodology yet.

    Do you use component or composite from DVD player?

    Rgds Steve
    Boston Micros
    REL Quake Sub
    Panasonic Plasma 42"
    Arcam DV88+


    • Bam!
      Super Senior Member
      • Jan 2004
      • 2458

      Hi Gopies!

      I am gonna shoot from the dark on this dad had the same problem with his DVD player, while it wasn`t a Toshiba, we took it back to the store we bought it from and they were aware of the problem..they fixed it with a cd that calibrated the player...I forget the name they gave to this process...

      Anyways hope this helps!

      Got a nice rack to show me ?


      • Azeke
        Super Senior Member
        • Mar 2003
        • 2123

        You should update the software version to the latest firmware. The 1066's were also provided a 200 Mhz video board upgrade, which could be related to your problem. If you hold the mute button for 4-5 sec it will reveal your software version. If your software version is 1.1x, you may not have the 200 Mhz video board. I would e-mail or call Rotel to verify which video board you have in your 1066.

        Hope this helps,



        • gopies
          Junior Member
          • Mar 2004
          • 12

          Thanks to everyone who has replied. The dvd is connected to the 1066 via composite. I picked up the 1066 a little over a week ago, so I can only assume that the software is current. I will check this out however.


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