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  • Glen1
    Junior Member
    • Feb 2004
    • 27

    Rotel power amps

    I'm looking at as RSP 1066 and considering which rotel pwr amps would be suitalbe. I don't have a large room and currently have 120 wpc x 5 which is heaps. I am considering an RMB 1075 but will also have a little money over which may stretch to a RB 1070 for the fronts. Do I need the two channel for the front? Another option would be three 1070's, as I don't really need the seventh channel anyway.
  • jimmyp58
    Super Senior Member
    • Aug 2003
    • 1449

    A little more info please....what are your listening patterns? More music than movies? Any multi-channel music? Do you have a 7.1 environment? What kind of speakers? This will give us a little more to base an opinion on.

    For me, I am an 85% music 15% movie guy; of my music listening, probably 80% 2-channel and 20% multi-channel. I've got a bigger 2-channel amp for my fronts and a different brand at that. I love Bryston amps for my 2-channel music but I am sure others will state they love their Rotel for that too (e.g., RB-1080 or RB-1090). The RMB-1075 is a very nice amp and based on your comments r.e. room size, this will more than do the job.

    Give us a little more info.



    • Glen1
      Junior Member
      • Feb 2004
      • 27

      Sorry about that, new to the forum.
      I am about half and half with music/movies. I currently have 5.1 only and no current need for DVD A or SACD. Speakers are Australian using SEAS standard line drivers, similar to what the older NHT's used. I currently use a Consonance (Chinese) C1 two channel integrated for the fronts and a same brand C3 three channel for centre and rears. These are both rated at 120 wpc rms but I have found that on two channel the integrated shouts a bit when it's running hard. Don't really notice that problem in ht. When using HT I run all spks as small and use MJ Acoustics Ref 1 sub. Running all as small means I have to have the sub crossover close to 80. For music I bypass current 976 all together and go straight into the tow channel. I also use sub for music but use high level inputs from spks and a lower crossover freq.
      I really like my current amps but am going to change to 1066 from 976. I am also considering changing to rotel amp/s. I like the idea of dedicated two channel for fronts only for music as I would still run them full range but rears and centre will probable be run as small. I'd like to go to 6.1 just to see the difference. I sit close to rear speakers so a fuller rear soundstage may be an improvement.
      I am considering rotel amps as I have had them in the past and quite liked them. One concern was that for music the 1066 may not be as good as straight into my two channel. I don't know if 1066 has a straight bypass facility.


      • tominizer
        • Aug 2003
        • 60

        Do what I did. Find three older Rotel THX certified 991's !!! They are awesome. I use to have the rb985 (5x100) and the three Rotel 991 spank them hands down at 2x200 each. With 6x200 watts, you have the right number of channels to completely do 5.1 as well. One amp can be used for centre channel and sub channel. It's over kill a bit as a whole, but never can have too much power :twisted: RB THX 991's should be going for around $500 to $600 USD used and in good condition. Ebay,,, and there's a few other places as well to seach for them. I got lucky as a guy on Ebay was selling off three of them, and I already had one. That's what I'd recommend doing. Anyways, best of luck.


        • Andrew Pratt
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Aug 2000
          • 16507

          I have two 5 channel amps in my HT with the HK Pa5800 and the Rotel RMB1075 and the difference is staggering. The Rotel is way more powerful and open sounding...other Rotel amp owners say that the 1080 sounds even better then the 1075 too so I might add one of those later on but for now I'm very happy with my 1075.


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