RSP-1098 comparisons & concerns

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  • sramsay
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2003
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    RSP-1098 comparisons & concerns

    Hi All,

    This is my first post, but I'm a long time follower of this forum from Australia.

    I am currently looking at upgrading the surround processor of my current system to something like the RSP-1098. My current system consists of:

    Rotel RSP-980 Surround Processor
    Rotel RDA-975 Dolby Digital Decoder
    Rotel RB-985 5 Channel Amp
    Polk Audio RT12 Fronts
    Polk Audio CT350 Center
    Polk Audio RT F/x rears

    I am looking for your input on the RSP-1098 against other processors and to also help me address some of my small concerns I have with the RSP-1098. I am planning on buying it in the next few days.

    I was wondering what other processors you guys have compared the RSP-1098 to e.g. Integra Research RDC-7, B&K Ref 50, Athem AVM20, AX10i (49Txi). I know someone on this forum said it was even better than a Lexicon MC-8.

    In Australia we unfortunately don't have access to the B&K Ref 50 and Anthem AVM 20, although I know they're very popular in the US.

    I can get the Integra Research RDC-7, which has had good reviews but it is almost costs twice as much as the RSP-1098, but I would still consider the RDC-7 if it is considered significantly better.

    Do you think I'd miss the THX Ultra2 processing of the Integra? Is Rotel's XS mode comparable to THX Ultra2?

    My major concerns with the RSP-1098 is the upgradability. Do you think it will seriously be getting upgraded to Dolby Pro-logic IIx? If so does that neglect any need for THX Ultra2?

    i-Link also doesn't seem to be high on Rotel's agenda. Do we think that the RSP-1098 is seriously hardware upgradable as the Integra has proven to be?

    Some people seem to have component video interference problems. Are these are major issue? I have a Sony HS-10 projector and if I'm using the RSP-1098 I would still like to get a great picture.

  • Scarp
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
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    As far as I know the Integra has been slow in upgrades. They have been promising for long time for an upgrade and none so far.
    Rotel is continuing work on the Rotel (as confirmed by someone from Rotel in the Q&A with Rotel thread on this forum), so I suspect that some upgrade will be done in the future, however this this upgrade will be done is still unknown. At least it won't be anything the user can do himself.

    Rotel is waiting untill those new connections are standardized.

    An upgrade to Dolby Prologic IIx should be feasible since Cirrus (the maker of the chip in the 1098) will be supporting it. If Rotel will offer it is not known. Rotel XS provides more or less the same functionality.

    As for THX Ultra2 ... I have the Parasound C2 and never use THX modes. I find them flat sounding and uninteresting. It isn't the same as Rotel XS. THX does a lot more to the sound. Rotel XS creates 7.1 out of 5.1.

    I had the 1098 for one and a half months and switched it for a Parasound C2. My preference goes to the C2. See the thread on Club Parasound for my comments about that.

    The 1098 is good value for money.


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