Rotel RSP-1098 Wish List 1.1 (Interfaces)

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  • Frank T.
    Junior Member
    • Oct 2003
    • 25

    Rotel RSP-1098 Wish List 1.1 (Interfaces)

    I'm a home theatre dealer from Germany and have just received the new heart of my A/v demo system - the RSP-1098 - this Saturday.

    Kudos to Geoff Costello for all the time, sweat and effort on behalf of the RSP-1098. Constructive proposals like his are extremely commendable!

    While in comparison my wish list merely deserves the + 0.1 I would like to address the issue of the interface boards:

    While the concept of featuring exchangable interface boards is great, I quickly noticed there SEEMED hardly room for extensions.

    I will therefore list boards I'd consider extremely necessary (in the not-to-far future!) and hope to provide some proposals which boards could be omitted or which two boards might be combined into a single one for considerations of space:

    HDMI interface board

    While DVI is the current standard for true digital video, the new standard is HDMI, finalized at this year's CEDIA in Indianapolis and after no objections from Hollywood the first industry manufacturers (e.g. Pioneer) are implementing HDMI out- and inputs on their devices NOW.

    HDMI will not only transmit digital video but equally digital audio (latter pending on some legal issues, if memory serves).

    Since HDMI><DVI are 100% compatible, the choice which one to prefer shall be dictated by space and compatibility considerations, which makes HDMI the better choice over DVI.

    <DVI are 100% compatible the choice which one to implement is dictated by space and future compatibility, hence HDMI is the better choice over DVI. Since there are currently no DVI or HDMI signal switchers on the world market (unless you really are willing to pay for one from Extron!), such an interface on the RSP-1098 would really constitute a competitive advantage on behalf of Rotel.

    Which interface to sacrifice for HDMI?

    Frankly, I couldn't help to think "What a waste of space" when I took a look at the S-Video interface board RP-417.

    LaserDisc and TV video is native composite, DVD and DVB-receiver video is native component. Except for corresponding camcorder recordings, every S-Video output on a consumer device is a cheat - either an up-converted composite signal or a down-converted component one.

    And in these days, composite video signals seem to be on the edge of extinction, hence, nobody would get really hurt if RP-414(composite) and RP-417(S-Video) would be combined into a single one, making room for an HDMI interface board.

    Additional analog multi-channel RCA input

    A lot of my customers have paid a lot of money for AC3-LaserDiscs in previous years and are not willing to substitute those through DVD titles.

    However, the lack of an AC3 RF coax input (let's not talk about the missing phono one), deprives these to listening to true 5.1 surround sound from their LaserDiscs. Of course, one might recycle rather than trashing one's old AC3 decoder by using the analog multi-channel RCA input.

    But the moment you start to like SACD and/or DVD-Audio your problems get worse, you NEED this input.

    "Sorry dudes, get rid of your LDs" might be an answer. Okay. How about this one:

    Customer got himself an SACD/CD player and later a DVD player like the Denon DVD 3800 (DVD Audio only) and happens to love Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd alike.

    Is he seriously supposed to plug and unplug 6 RCA connectors every time he wants to listen to either of these?

    Obviously a second analog multi-channel RCA input would be common sense thing to do.

    Which interface to sacrifice for a second analog multi-channel RCA input?

    A simple modification of interface board RP-410might do the job where 6 RCA inputs might be reassigned for the job.

    I mean: Which RSP-1098 user is ACTUALLY using the 5 RCA stereo inputs for video devices???

    DVB, DVD, Playstation 2, LD and CD players all feature digital coax or toslink audio outputs and it seems wise to prefer these over analog RCA stereo ones.

    A customer who is handling 5 VCRs doesn't strike me as the potential user or afficionado for the RSP-1098 and will find a wide range of RCA stereo switchers at Radio Shack and elsewhere.

    On the other hand: Try to get yourself a 6 RCA multi-channel input / output switcher.

    I have no idea when additional interface boards for the RSP-1098 become a reality, but would be very happy if the above mentioned were among those to (hopefully) arrive in the not-to-distant future.

    Thanks for listening, alternate proposals or feedback would be much appreciated.

    Frank T.
    Frank T.
  • lcajiga
    • Aug 2003
    • 83

    Frank, I think your proposal is a great idea. Maybe Rotel in the near future develop replacement cards and sell them depending your configuration. If you don't want the analog/composite or the s-video connection, then they may sell a card that will include the other HD video formats, more optical inputs, etc. The flexibility of the design may be endless. I also think there are many things that may be done with current hardware/firmware and they way the 1098 sounds is AWESOME!!!


    "It is not what you see and is how!"

    "It is not what you see and is how!"


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