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  • Bruce
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2000
    • 156

    New Prepro Specs

    Here is the download location for the new Atlantic Technology version of the Outlaw 950 spec sheet, it's in PDF format:

    Seems like Outlaw/Easttech did a pretty good job of isolating circuitry and providing individual power supplies for analog audio, digital audio, and video. Seems like a well executed unit.

  • P-Dub
    Office Moderator
    • Aug 2000
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    Bruce, I corrected the link as the original didn't lead anywhere. Can you see if I got the right link? It looks like the one you were trying to link originally.


    There are three kinds of people in this world; those that can count, and those that can't.

    There are three kinds of people in this world; those that can count, and those that can't.


    • Bruce
      Senior Member
      • Aug 2000
      • 156

      Thanks Paul. It works.

      Here is a text version of the specs for those that don't want to download a PDF file.


      - Seven A/V Inputs, All With S-Video
      - S-Video And Composite Video Signals Pass Through In Their Original Format
      - S-Video Signals Are Also Available At The Composite Video Output And Vice Versa
      - 2 Component Video Inputs And 1 Component Monitor Output
      - Dedicated Stereo Audio Only Inputs For Cd And Tape
      - Four Optical And Two Coaxial Inputs (All Assignable) For Digital Sources
      - Coaxial And Optical Digital Outputs
      - Large Toroidal Transformer Power Supply For Low Noise And Excellent Dynamic Range
      - 18,000mfd Of Main Power Supply Capacitance (Some 100 Watt/Channel Stereo Receivers Have Less Than This!)
      - Main Power Supply Is Physically Shielded From All Low Level Circuitry
      - Multiple Locally Regulated Power Supplies In Addition To The Main Regulated Supply To Isolate Analog, Digital, And Video Processing Circuits
      - High Quality Am/Fm Solid State Phase Locked Loop Crystal Synthesized Tuner With Two Stage Crystal Filters
      - 30 Assignable Tuner Presets (Am Or Fm)
      - Tuner Has High Overload Capability To Easily Deal With High Levels Of Signal Present On Many Cable Systems
      - All Gold Plated Rca Connectors
      - Gold Plated Direct Circuit Board Connectors Eliminate Almost All Point To Point Wiring
      - All Input/Output Switching Circuitry Is Located Directly Adjacent To The Rear Panel For Minimum Cross Talk And Noise
      - All Input/Output Switching Circuitry Is Electronic To Maximize Signal Purity And Further Reduce Cross Talk And Noise
      - All Inputs And Outputs Are Buffered, Which Isolates Them To Reduce Potentially Detrimental Sonic Impact From Cable Variations, Differences In The Impedances, And The “Load” Presented By Connected Components
      - Advanced Computerized Circuit Layout Reduces Signal Paths To Enhance Overall Fidelity
      - Extensive Use Of Advanced Surface Mount Component Technology
      - All Video Switching/Processing Located On A Dedicated Circuit Assembly Carefully Positioned To Minimize The Possibility Of Any Audio/Video Interaction
      - Digital Processing Circuitry Is Physically Isolated From Audio Processing Circuits
      - 4 Dual Channel High Speed 24 Bit Crystal Processors Allow Advanced Decoding Of Up To 7.1 Channels Of High Fidelity Information (The Crystal Cs49326 Audio Decoder Circuit We Use Is One Of The Most Advanced And Best Sounding Surround Decoders Currently Available At Any Price)
      - Superb D To A And A To D Converters.
      - The Crystal Cs4396 D To A Features:
      -- 24 Bit 192khz Sampling Rate
      -- 120db Dynamic Range
      -- 100db Thd + Noise
      -- Advanced Dynamic Element Matching
      -- Low Clock Jitter Sensitivity
      -- Digital De-Emphasis For 32, 44.1, And 48khz
      - The Crystal 5360 A To D Converter Features:
      -- 24-Bit Digital Output
      -- 105db Dynamic Range
      -- –95db Thd + Noise
      -- 128 Times Oversampling
      -- Fully Differential Inputs
      -- Built-In Linear Phase Digital Anti-Alias Filter
      -- High-Pass Filter
      -- Dc Offset Removal
      - Selected Critical Components Are 1% Tolerance
      - Star Grounding Reduces Hum And Ground Loops
      - High Resolution 2 Line Dot Matrix Fluorescent Display (Software Adjustable Brightness)
      - Optical Encoder Volume Control
      - Discrete Power On / Power Off Controls For Ease Of Use With Programmable Remote Controls Or In Complex Integrated Theater Systems.



      • Andrew Pratt
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
        • 16507

        Looks like Entech built a great pre pro for AT and Outlaw etc. Other then a few quirks in setting the delays it looks like this is the pre pro to beat right now...


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