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  • -V-
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2002
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    Rotel or Denon ?

    I hope someone can Help me out ...

    My current set consist of B&w CDM7-NT Fronts, B&w DM 600 S3 rear en B&w ASW675 Sub. Currently powered by a Yamaha RX-V620RDS. Now, The Yammie has got to go !!

    It is not musical and way to bright ...

    I have 2 options, I can buy a Denon 3802 for 850 € or I can buy a Rotel RSX-972 for 995 €. In belgium the normal price for those receivers is 1500 € for the denon and 1585 € for the Rotel... I know , it's much cheaper in the VS ...

    Any ideas, I want a warm sounding , detailed and musical solution ...

    I just can't decide...


    Ps. I would love the rsx-1055, but in Belgium it costs 2000 € ... Way above my budget ...
  • efarstad
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Jun 2001
    • 2231

    V, welcome to the Guide!

    Rotel and B&W are always good mates to each other, both very neutral and detailed. Rotel was first and foremoste a stereo gear company "first" so any product they make whether it be amp, preamp, or HT preamp it will be musical through and through...I'd lean towards the Rotel. Denon makes nice gear, but if you want musical I don't think the 3802 would hold up to the 972 IMHO.

    Like always, if you can demo both side to side do that...


    The Norwegian A/V Nut!

    The Norwegian A/V Nut!


    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      In North America B&W and Rotel share the same distributors which must say something about the two companies I've owned several Denon receivers and while they were ok they didn't sound nearly as musical as the Rotels do.


      • Mats
        Special Member
        • Jun 2000
        • 1326

        Buy the Rotel or even a newer Rotelk as the 1055.

        I had a Denon 3802 and the stereo quality was very bad imho.

        Now I swithed to rsp 1066 / rb 985 and it`s a huge difference!

        Take Rotel. B&W and Rotel will take good care that their products match together!

        Left forum because sold Rotel gear
        Mats Strömberg
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        • Blue-Eyes
          Senior Member
          • Dec 2002
          • 162


          I just trade my Denon 3802 for an RBS1066, with a RB1070. I bought the RB985mk2 a week ago.

          No doubt, the Rotel sounds much better and gives more power into the music. In totally sounds it much better. I can't explain it better, or I should do it in Dutch

          Never drive faster than your Angel can fly!
          Never drive faster than your Angel can fly!


          • LEVESQUE
            Senior Member
            • Oct 2002
            • 344

            I went from a Yamaha RX-V3200 to a Rotel RSP-1066+RMB-1095+RB-1050. Using the same Paradigms Reference speakers, I find it less "bright" and gone is the "fatiguing"sensation. My friend is driving B&W speakers with Rotel, and it's an incredible combination.
            To spend more $$$ on electronics without first addressing room acoustics is fruitless IMO.


            • Threepio
              Junior Member
              • Jan 2003
              • 1

              I just trade my Denon 3802 for an RBS1066, with a RB1070. I bought the RB985mk2 a week ago.
              That's an unfair comparison, I think your Rotel combination SHOULD sound better, since it costs a lot more...

              denon and rotel are both good partners to B&W speakers, IMO.

              Both the denon and the rotel should be an improvement over your Yamaha. The denon is a warmer sounding receiver than the Rotel, but the rotel has more accuracy. Just an opinion.


              • Lex
                Moderator Emeritus
                • Apr 2001
                • 27461

                Denon warmner than Rotel? I wouldnt have thought that. My only Rotel experience is a little cold, as it was some time ago. But warm is how I would have characterized the sound. Nice and warm.


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                • SayersWeb
                  • Dec 2002
                  • 82

                  I like both Dennon and Rotel. I often recommend Denon to people and just yesterday setup a home theater system for my mom using a Denon receiver. Sounds great!

                  I personally chose Rotel pre/pro for my home theater. I find it has a smooth, full detailed, non-harsh sound. The Denon sound is great too, but the Rotel sound has a bit more magic. That's the only way I can describe it.

                  I recently went to a very well respected theater to see LOTR Two Towers. The sound was harsh and dynamically challenged compared to what I am used to at home. I asked several of the people that I went with what they thought of the theaters sound. They all thought it was amazing.... A year ago I would have too, but Rotel has ruined the theater experience for me.... :-))

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                  Sayer - Musical Creations and Home Page


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