Upgrade from RSP 976 to 1068 or 1098

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  • mpauline
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2003
    • 178

    Upgrade from RSP 976 to 1068 or 1098

    I feel the need to upgrade. So went and A/B tested the 1068 and the 1098. Honestly I could not tell much difference between the steering capabilities of the two processors. But there was definitely in my opinon a difference in the soundstage. I found the 1098 to be "more airy" or less compressed than the 1068. However I do not know if it is worth the difference in cost.

    Demo was conducted with same equipment all around and same DVD.

    The main reason for considering an upgrade is my desire to move to 7.1 sound. I really like my 976 but feel that the 7.1 adds a "little more" to the movie watching experience.

  • Aussie Geoff
    Super Senior Member
    • Oct 2003
    • 1914


    A thought for you on the 7.1. In the right room (one with enough width to use the two centre back speakers) for me my RSP-1098 and 7.1 just transforms the HT experience. With Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES and even Prologic II with Rotels XS sound (and presumably even better with DPL IIx) the rear sound stage comes alive with the extra channels in the same way that the front center speaker brings the front soundstage together. Things happen above you and behind you. The sound now surrounds you like at the best cinemas.

    Be tempted.... You wont regret it



    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      I Agree 100 percent with Aussie on the HT side but what really did it for me was the first time I heard a CD playing through my 1098....it was stunning compared to the 1055/1066 I had before. I haven't heard the 1068 yet but given what you reported it sounds like they've made some improvements over the 1066 but its still not as good (nor should it be given the cost difference). I know it doesn't help but IMO if you can afford the big dog go for it you'll never look back once its in your home


      • Azeke
        Super Senior Member
        • Mar 2003
        • 2123


        I own the RSP-1098, and it is truly an acoustical masterpiece for the price. The 1068 is a fairly new pre/pro and performing the A/B testing against the 1098, you probably need to consider the break-in times on each piece. That being said, I have 7.1 and I am throughly enjoying it. I listen to CD's in 7 channel stereo mode as opposed to 2 channel (except when everyone is sleeping) and it is acoustical bliss. In HT, oh man what an enveloping sound it provides. I can't vouch for the RSP-1068, but I can certainly vouch for the 1098 (simply beautiful). Just remember neither of these are PnP machines so tweaking in your own home environment is essential. I had second thoughts on upgrading my RSP-1066 to the 1098, but I don't any more. I now await the DoProIIx upgrade, which should enchance my 7.1 listening experience.

        Hope this helps,



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