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  • jordie
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2003
    • 13

    rotel vs nad

    I have read lots of topics on this forum and it seems to me that there is a battle between rotel and marantz receivers.Is anyone considering NAD in this price range(700-1400)?
    thanks a lot!
    PS:I personally think of NAD t 762 as being one o the best receivers in this price range

  • aud19
    Twin Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2003
    • 16706

    I think Nad is a good alternative that many people at the very least should and do investigate. I'm sticking with my Rotel though

    As a slight aside I've heard some people have had QC issues with Nad's in the past few years. Though their customer service is said to be on par with Rotel, which is to say very good. That should not discourage you from auditioning them though to see if you prefer them. The chances of you getting a good one are much greater than getting a bad one.


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    • Rich Wenzel
      Junior Member
      • Jan 2003
      • 6

      the t762 is an excellent receiver, sound quality is on the same level of Rotel's and really just depends on the listener...

      the NAD has the following benefits:

      more channels
      more power
      a little cheaper

      the Rotel has the following benefits

      better quality control
      no fans (the NAD has fans, its up to you to decide if that is important or not, some think its bad, some dont mind)
      a little better RDS system (does anyone care?)
      and the big one, upgradeability...

      I would get NAD if I couldnt get the Rotel. But I would get the Rotel for 2 reasons over the NAD and those reasons are:

      the Rotel is upgradeable, and thats not a frivolous statement as Rotel has offered upgrades....thats very attractive...NAD has had 3 receivers come out in the timespan that the 1055 has been out, the 761, 762 and now the 763...that means they do what most mass marketers do, a new model every year....since rotel doesnt come out with a new model, that makes them more committed to their current models...i find that very attractive....

      the other reason is i dont like that logicl, somewhat, do i dislike them more than logic dictates, probably...

      however, I want to make sure I was clear, the NAD is a very good piece of equipment at a cheaper price point than the Rotel...



      • Eiffel
        • Aug 2003
        • 57

        There was a thread comparing the RSX 1055 to the T762 in early November (I searched for it but could only see the last post... which is useless by itself...)

        The thread title was: "RSX 1055: convince me"


        • Don
          • Feb 2003
          • 39

          I bought the nad t762 and returned it back. It has fans at the bottom and I personally don't like the idea of listening to a humming sound. Another thing that I did not like is that when the volume is adjusted there is a clicking sound (very audible even from a distant).
          What is good about it is that the set up is very simple and unit itself is quite heavy and it sounds good specially in stereo.



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