RSX 1055 vs. NAD at 4 ohms

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  • jr62
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2003
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    RSX 1055 vs. NAD at 4 ohms

    I recently bought a set of Totem speakers (Arros at the front, Mite-T at center, and Dreamcatchers for surrounds), all of which have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. I'm inclined to purchase the RSX 1055, however, I'm worried about the back panel's suggestion of an 8 ohm minimum for speakers. Does this minimum have actual implications on performance, or is it merely a regulation which has few practical consequences? Said another way, will the 1055 put out enough current to drive 4 ohm speakers without distortion? Does anyone know the actual continuous output ratings at 4 ohms (if there are any)?

    If anyone has any experience running this receiver with 4 ohm speakers, it would be great to get your input on this issue (if it is an issue, that is).

    I'm also considering the NAD 762, because I know power/current will not be a problem, however, the 1055 seems to receive better reviews. Any view on these two receivers relative to each other would also greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  • Andrew Pratt
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 16507

    Rotel has told several people that their receivers will have no problem with a 4 ohm load and I've had my 1055 power some 4 ohm speakers with out any sign of a problem.

    Nice speakers BTW:T


    • TonyPTX
      • Apr 2003
      • 39

      I auditioned both the NAD T762 and the Rotel RSX-1055 when I went out to purchase my new AVR. To tell you the truth, both units were very close to each other indeed. The differences were very subtle indeed, and in a double blind test, I personally doubt I would have been able to tell the difference. If not for anything else, the NAD had slightly more punchy mid-bass and the Rotel tended to "roll-off" on the mid-bass making it sound more natural in my opinion. Ultimately the final decision came down to the fact that the Rotel had a 5 year warranty as opposed to the NAD’s 3 year warranty, and the little man screaming in the back of my head going…”NAD’s had some bad reliability with their prior year models, what makes you think this year is going to be any different.” The Rotel it was…

      I know folks who run Polk LSi speakers with the RSX-1055/1065 without any problem what so ever. 4ohms on all 5 channels easily...

      "Those that don't know, don't know they don't know."
      "Those that don't know, don't know they don't know."


      • gianni
        Senior Member
        • Nov 2002
        • 524

        I too was concerned about the 8 0hm warning. I looked into this extensively and rotel claims this is there to satisfy the electrical authorities. The unit will handle 4 ohms just fine.

        My speakers are not only 4 ohm but also have low sensitivity of 85dB.
        The 1055 drives them famously. The only time I might be concerned is in a large room with low sensitivity spaekers and high volume levels. In my mid size room I am pleased with the results.


        • eelco74
          Senior Member
          • Dec 2002
          • 394

          Do not be confused by the fact that speakers are 8 of 4 ohms.

          Their impedance is heavilly influenced by several factors, including the resonance frequency of the drivers, and bass reflex ports.

          The impedance of a speaker varies from as low as 2 ohms to even 40 Ohms of higher. Especially on the resonance frequency of the drivers the load can be about 20 ohms at lets say 3000hz. On the port frequency of the bass reflex port, the impedance can go as low as 2 Ohm at say 50 hz.

          Most good amplifiers (like Rotel) even provide more power at low impedance loads.

          ps. nice choice, Totem. I have always liked them, even though they do not come cheap.

          Marantz AV8802, Marantz UD8002, Rotel RB-991 and RB985mkii, Rotel RD960
          Focal/Jmlab Electra 1028S, Electra CC, Electra SW1000S, Cobalt 705
          Pioneer KRL-37V, Epson EH-TW8100, Kinkping CES-180 77"inch


          • Andrew Pratt
            Moderator Emeritus
            • Aug 2000
            • 16507

            You should see the ohm plot on my M8a DIY speakers..if the Rotel can power those there's not much worry about the 4 ohm rating


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