1055/1705 or 1066/1075

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  • Tim_D
    • Nov 2003
    • 30

    1055/1705 or 1066/1075

    A question for the experts here. You folks have previously convinced me to look at purchasing a RSX1055 over a Denon AVR4802R.

    In reviewing the Rotel RSX1055, I was curious of what I would gain if anything by getting a RSP1066/RMB0175 combo over the RSX1055/RMB1075 combo. Thanks in advance for any help/guidance.
  • Tim_D
    • Nov 2003
    • 30

    Oops. Misread the post beneath this one. I guess this ? has already been asked....


    • aud19
      Twin Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2003
      • 16706

      It really depends on your individual situation. I just went through this situation myself so I'll share my thoughts.

      I have Energy C-9's, C-5's and a C-C3 that don't have dual binding posts allowing for bi-amping using the 1055's additional amps.

      I have no space or need for 7.1 so again the extra amps aren't needed.

      I have very, very rarely listened to radio in my house and if I want to, I have an older Pioneer receiver in my secondary system to listen to it. Not to mention that radio isn't exactly the most hi-fi audio you're going to hear so I don't think I'll miss much not playing it on my "good" system.

      The final and deciding factor for me was that I plan too keep it for quite a few years as such the couple hundred extra dollars wasn't a huge factor considering that the value would be spread over many years. Also I figured since I plan on keeping it for so long (barring winning the lotto or a rich uncle etc.) I may as well enjoy the better, although only slightly, sonic characteristics of the 1066 for all that time.

      Just some things to consider. I'm pretty sure that your situation will likely differ from mine so make your decision based on your wallet, your other gear, your ears, whether you listen to lots of radio etc...

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      • rotel_klipsch
        Junior Member
        • Nov 2003
        • 21

        first off good decision, I went through a similar learning experience starting with the Denon 3803, then upgraded to a 4803 then 5803, finally I was convinced by a local shop to demo a RB985 mkii and there was no going back to denon, I would think that even though the RSX-1055 is a great receiver, you would see better perfomance and imaging with the 1066/1075 combo ( go seperates ) I have the 1066/1075 combo and to me it is clearly superior to the soudstage on the Denon 5803 both in HT and Stereo and multi-channel music.... just my 2 cents worth

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        Get the most BANG for your BUCK


        • Andrew Pratt
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Aug 2000
          • 16507

          If you look back a bit you'll see a lot of debate on this very topic but to sum it up it really boils down to this...

          The 1055 gives you more amps that can be used to power the 6th or 7th rear speakers and comes with a tuner. Sound wise its likely 95 plus percent of the 1066 and in my system I couldn't hear a difference. Resale might also be higher with a receiver then a pre amp...or at least your market is going to be larger. The 1055's also cheaper then the 1066.

          The 1066 is the best sonically...if even only on the bench and it does give you true seperates.

          If after reading that you get the impression I lean towards the 1055/1075 combo you'd be right


          • chanlon
            Senior Member
            • Sep 2003
            • 188


            I recently was engaged in the same situtation when I decided to audition the 1066 for a dedicated preamp/processor. My equipment was a little different however. I own a rotel RSX-972 receiver, which I use as the preamp/processor for my 1075 amp.

            I could here a marginal difference between the 2 preamps on music (analog) sources only. Female voices were not as rolled off in the upper frequencies. However, the difference was marginal at best. As a matter of fact, I couldn't decide which combination I preferred. Numbers and specifications are only part of the equation. The placment of a lamp shade or carpeted rug often has more of a +/- effect on your sound than the THD or S/N Ratio.

            I guess my advice would be to audition the equipment in your own environment. We all have the tendancy to want the latest and greatest in this very enjoyable hobby (which is not a bad thing of course). Sometimes however, we want to hear differences to justify the additonal upgrade. I chose to stick with the receiver for the time being.

            Best of luck!


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