What Rotel said about double base

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  • audionut
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2003
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    What Rotel said about double base

    For what it's worth I aksed Rotel what the deal was and here was the answer....

    BTW, thanks to all the guys on this forum for thier help!

    Sent: Friday, August 29, 2003 12:06 PM
    Subject: RSP 1066

    > Rotel,
    > I have a RSP 1066 with "firmware" V 2 2 2 _ 020905, what does that
    > mean? Do I have the double bass problem? If so, what is the double bass
    > problem? How do I /Rotel fix it?
    > Thanks in advance,

    Hello Sir,
    First, please understand that this is not a problem. Next, please
    understand that this "issue" is only with the multi input. Finally, I would
    like to take a few lines to elaborate on what exactly what the "issue" is.

    Please understand that DVD Audio and SACD are 5.0 format. This means
    under normal circumstances you will not have a .1 signal (no L.F.E.-Low
    Frequency Effect output), versus when listening to Dolby Digital, and DTS
    which are 5.1(digital
    subwoofer output). In some of our earlier units Rotel has taken the liberty
    to add a feature. This feature allows the end user to enjoy a subwoofer
    signal out when listening to a 5.0 format only through the multi input, by
    manipulating the analog signal coming in to the multi input.

    Fortunately you do have the ability to turn your multi input subwoofer
    off through your menu options, which will allow you to listen to your DVD
    Audio and other 5.0 formats the way they where intended (with no subwoofer

    Andrew Shaw
    Assistant Service Manager
    tel. 1-800-370-3741x230
    fax 1-800-681-0673

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    Equity International, Inc does not accept responsibility for any changes
    made to this message after it was sent.

    The views expressed in this document are that of the individual and may not
    necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement or recommendation by Equity
    International, Inc.

  • Andrew Pratt
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 16507

    While he's technically correct in that SACd and DVD-A are supposed to be 5.0 formats the problem is that the music industry seems to have forgotten that and frequently impliments the .1 channel for either LFE or for an effects channel which is why we need the resistors cut so that we can pass that .1 channel like the other channels.


    • Scarp
      Senior Member
      • Mar 2003
      • 632

      MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) was always concieved as a 6 channel format, which Rotel could have figured would be 5.1. So I think the remark about 5.0 is nonsense.


      • Danbry39
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Sep 2002
        • 1584

        There's a difference between the ideal and the reality of most systems and what they're capable of.



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