AGH! Rotel 1066 signal delay

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  • jprzybylski
    Junior Member
    • Feb 2003
    • 24

    AGH! Rotel 1066 signal delay

    Does anyone have a problem with the 1066 NOT recognizing an input signal, or having sometimes an EXTREME delay?

    Example, I sometimes have to switch between inputs before it recognizes an signal -- like -- I just put on the "Planes Trains and Automobiles" DVD. When I would switch to "Multi In" I could hear the sound. When I switch back to the Coax input --- nothing.

    I had to eject the DVD and start over. Is this a big deal? Yes! for $1600, I don't expect miracles, but I do expect this to PLAY.

    Is this a glitch? Fixable through Rotel?? Should I return the unit?
  • mazuly
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2003
    • 238


    I use Rotel DVD player (RDV-1080), and I usually experience between 1 to 2 seconds delay for the signal to lock on, but I never had to eject or change input for RSP-1066 to lock on.

    You may want to lock at this thread as well.

    It seems that it is possible that RSP-1066 is sometimes picky on locking on to digital output of sources such as DVD players or STB boxes, but you should clear that with Rotel (or maybe Andrew can help to clarify this)


    PS I have upgraded to 2.25 firmware and do not have the problem of DD 5.1 reverting to 2 channel while surfing TV channels as discussed on above attached thread. Mine reverts back to my previous setting of DP II Cinema.


    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      It shouldn't take near that long to lock onto a signal and I've never had to eject a CD or DVD etc to reset the lock...I'm also a little confused why you're using the multi in's for DVD? Can you please explain how you have your gear connected to the rotel?


      • jprzybylski
        Junior Member
        • Feb 2003
        • 24


        I use the multi-out for DVD Audio. But the DVD player also has a Dolby/DTS decoder built in. So, sometimes I will switch back and forth to see if I can hear a difference.

        Other times, I switch back and forth so the 1066 will get the Coax signal that I prefer for movie playback and CD playback.

        Here is my setup:

        Denon 3800 DVD player
        connected to Rotel 1066 via: 1 Tribuatires Coax cable and 5.1 outputs for DVD Audio.

        Rotel 1066 preamp
        connected to Rotel RB985 AMP.

        Rotel RB987 amp
        connected to B&W Speakers and Sunfire True Subwoofer.

        I hope you have a suggestion, it's always done this, but I just thought I had to live with it.

        For instance, when a movie starts, if it is THX certified, I never hear the "very" beginning of the THX logo, it always starts a little later. Same thing with the DTS intro. I miss a portion of it. Sometimes, it doesn't lock in at all for either format.



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