Rotel RMB 1075, first impressions

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  • mariachi
    • Aug 2003
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    Rotel RMB 1075, first impressions

    The Rotel RMB 1075 is replacing my Parasound HCA 85A, which pumps 85 *5. I was happy with my setup but wanted an additional amp to drive my back surround. I originally wanted to get a two channel Parasound so everything would match. When I went to one of my local Parasound dealers, the sales guy stated that they weren’t carrying the two channel Parasound amps anymore. I’ve always heard and read good things about Rotel, so I asked him about a two channel amp from Rotel. I knew I wanted to by my last two channel amp, so I opted to go with a silver RB 1070 instead of the 1050. After four months of breaking in time, the 1070 is finally sounding the way I’d hope for. But this posting is not about the 1070, but the 1075. .Right off the bat, I noticed a bigger sound stage with the 1075 driving the five main channels while moving the 1070 to back surround duties. I could also notice I had more power on tap. I was finally able to achieve TOTAL seamless rear panning between three surround speakers, as well as front to back panning. It’s also very dynamic, when things blow up, they really do. The amp still sounds a bit hard, would like to hear a smoother sound, which I’m hoping will come once it breaks in. There is also more separation between each sound, in other words, clearer. My Center channel has also improved noticeably, it sounds much more expanded and merges with the fronts much, much better, which is what I was hoping for.

    The Parasound has given me smooth sound, which I really like, however, having listened to the 1070 and now the 1075, I realize that it blended things a bit more, and there was less separation between instruments. I would not have noticed this without doing a comparison. So the “problems” arose when I bought the 1070! I felt that the front stage didn’t merge as well, it sounded a bit different. The center channel didn’t blend as nicely as when I ran the main and center channels w/the Parasound. The left and right fronts sounded w/ more detail while the rest of the channels had a different sound. So much for those people that claim all amps sound the same. THEY DON’T. By the way, I’m using my Yamaha rx-v 1200 as the preamp. So far, I’m very pleased with my 1075 Rotel amp, perhaps even more so than the 1070, as the 1075 has improved all my channels.
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