1066 can I bypass crossover?

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  • sweetsoulsounds
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2003
    • 18

    1066 can I bypass crossover?

    For SACD, CD and DVD's I would prefer to run all 5 speakers full range. while sending LFE signal to sub and adjusting crossover at the sub itself.

    Does selecting Large for all speakers accomplish this?

    Also, when/why would I ever need to use a digital or optical output from the 1066 to the DVD player?

  • Scarp
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
    • 632


    For dvd you want to use a digital coax (or optical if you like) cable. Then the signal is decoded in the pre-amp and it uses the bass management of the pre-amp.
    Setting all speakers to large will accomplish what you want, i.e., the subwoofer will only be used for the LFE (.1) channel. However I doubt you have 5 (or more) speakers that can reach down to the low realms of the frequency scale. Usually they fall off dramatically below 50 Hz. So using the subwoofer to ease the burden of the other speakers to produce the low frequencies is recommended.

    For dvd-a/sacd, you use the multi-channel input and in that case the bassmanagement settings of the Rotel pre-amp are totally not used. If your dvd-player has bassmanagement then set it there correctly too.
    You will have to have the resistor cut modification to make this work properly also, since the 1066 will take everything below the 100 Hz from the 5 speakers and double them onto your subwoofer.


    • sweetsoulsounds
      Junior Member
      • Apr 2003
      • 18

      Scarp thanks for your reply,

      Can you please clarify the potential double bass issue. Without the resistor cut, double bass may be a problem. Won't setting the crossover frequency directly at the sub fix the problem?

      Thanks again


      • Bill Blank
        Senior Member
        • Sep 2002
        • 126

        It's usually more convienent to use the crossover setting in your pre/pro and setting your sub's crossover to it's maximum setting to avoid cascading crossovers.

        My understanding, per Mike S. at Rotel, is that even AFTER the BM mod, when using the analog MULTI-INPUTS the sub will still receive all info below 100Hz. What the mod apparently accomplishes is the fact that it won't also send that bass to your "LARGE" speakers.

        The global X-Over in the Rotel 1066 does not apply to the MULTI-INPUT.


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