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  • Mikerodrig27
    started a topic Bordeaux Speaker Kit Build

    Bordeaux Speaker Kit Build

    I just recently finished building the Bordeaux speaker kit by Jim Holt and Curt Campbell. It is a great kit with a great set of plans. Very refined and thorough. Jim was available to answer questions and took the time to Email me information as well as pictures of his build process.

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  • krizork
    started a topic Measuring my AST2560 in 'the Bordeaux'

    Measuring my AST2560 in 'the Bordeaux'

    Hello everyone,
    First time post, although I've been scrolling this forum for quite some time.

    My question concerns the production change in the AST2560 (

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  • Jim Holtz
    started a topic Updated Bordeaux crossover now available...

    Updated Bordeaux crossover now available...

    Just a heads up that between Curt and Efalegalo they have come up with a modification to the original crossover that works better with the new production AST2560's currently shipping. Meniscus has also committed to testing every AST2560 driver ordered to assure the correct crossover parts are included...
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  • The Bordeaux - Crossover Help Needed - DIY Gurus please chime in

    Hi All,

    I just recently completed my build of The Bordeaux and needed help with crossover issue I'm having.

    See attached picture of the frequency response. I have a massive dip in the 1.25Khz - 4.0Khz range.

    I've checked the crossover a 100x.
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  • Juhis
    started a topic Juhi's rounded Bordeaux build

    Juhi's rounded Bordeaux build

    My first post and my first speaker build.

    Some background for this build.
    I'm not an professional in building speakers and calculating crossovers. Since I got some woodworking tools in my garage I started to take bigger challenge to make the best speakers...
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  • boinger
    started a topic Boinger's Bordeaux Build

    Boinger's Bordeaux Build

    Started on the Bordeaux Build.

    Had a question about the baffles. Since we have to sandwich 2 sheets of ply together. How do most handle that do you glue them first and then route or route first then glue together?

    I wasn't sure on how to line up the inner and outer baffle...
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  • Home Theater Build with: Statement 2 Center, Micro Statement Surrounds and Bordeaux

    Hello All,

    I have read a number of build threads and it inspired me to take the plunge and see if I could build out a home theater room that could also play great sounding music of all styles. I am appreciative of the many email responses I have gotten from both Jim Holtz and Curt Campbell....
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  • jacket_fan
    started a topic Bordeaux Build

    Bordeaux Build

    After some emails with Curt and Jim, I am going to attempt a Bordeaux build. I was looking for a design that could compete or improve on the Maggie 3.6s I have had for quite a about 10 years. Not quite ready for John's Wavecore Ardent, although I look forward to the challenge of building that cabinet....
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  • Jim Holtz
    started a topic It's time for a Bordeaux!

    It's time for a Bordeaux!

    [IMG]DSC_4987 by Jim Holtz, on Flickr[/IMG]



    A collaboration between Curt Campbell and Jim Holtz

    Project Overview:
    The Bordeaux’s were conceived to move another step closer to the best mid-range possible...
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