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  • HibbardSmith
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2004
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    Which Preamp Processor

    It's time to replace my Sony TA9000ES. I do this with great fear and trepidation as it's been a wonderful Preamp/Processor. However, I really want to graduate to something with multi-channel audio and component video switching.

    My speakers are several year old B&W CM1/CM2 fronts and a B&W CDM-CSE center. I'm going to add B&W surrounds (possibly the new CM2). I suspect I'll have troubles matching the CM1's (they're fairly inefficient (82 db/m)), and it wasn't easy to pick a center to go with them either. I really love the sound of these speakers and they really don't need a separate sub with the CM2's. I'm using an ATI 1505 for a power amp, and I'll probably stay with it for awhile.

    The real question is what pre/pro to go for. I'm considering the Rotel 1098, the Aragon Stage 1 and the Parasound Halo C2. I realize these are all great pieces and that each has strong advocates. I'm looking for any and all input as they all represent a lot of money for me and I'd really like to be able to live with and enjoy my choice for awhile. They'll be used for HT and serious listening to all types of music. One of my main reasons for upgrading is to be able to take advantage of SACD and DVD-A.

    Hibbard T. Smith, JR
    Hibbard T. Smith, JR
  • tominizer
    • Aug 2003
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    Add the Anthem AVM 20 to that list


    • Chris D
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Dec 2000
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      I'm sure you're aware of Club Parasound here on HT Guide. Come by and make sure you read through our posts for peoples' experiences with the Halo equipment, specifically the C2 if that's what you're considering. Make sure you go to the Parasound website, as well, which has multiple links to equipment reviews on the Halo units. They've received better marks than just about everything else in their class.

      Regardless of what you go with, I wish you luck with your decision! Happy buying!

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      • Andrew Pratt
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
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        Well as Club Rotel's Moderator I feel I have to step in an give a nod to the Rotel 1098 Actually there's two club rotel members that have moved up from the TA-E9000ES unit to Rotel pre amp (I'm one of them) and found the move well worth it. The TA-E is a very nice unit but as you say its getting a little long in the tooth now compared to the newer units. You're also right in that any of the models you mentioned (as well as the Anthem) are all top tier units and I'd be proud to own any of them. For me though what helps the Rotel is the fantasic user community here and our close relationship with Rotel. As a group we've managed to work with Rotel to implement some firmware upgrades that addressed concerns and suggestions that our membership felt would improve the Rotel products. Club Parasound looks like its starting to gain momentum as well with Chris's involvement so hopefully they too will manage to work closely with Parasound on their units as well as its really a win win situation for all involved


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