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  • mac7719
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    • Nov 2003
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    Pre/Pro Upgrade Decision Help

    Hi All,

    Once again, I return to the forum for guidance. I recently received a call from my local HT shop to notify me that Rotel is announcing a replacement for the RSP-1066 in January and that if I want to take advantage of the trade-up program, I should do so before the end of the year. Based on comments from the good folks at Club Rotel and on a side-by-side comparison of the two Rotel products, I had already decided to make this move. I went to the store today for what I thought would be a simple transaction (I guess that was my mistake) and I stumbled upon an additional option. The dealer has a demo Krell Showcase Processor that I could get for roughly the same price (okay, a couple hundred more). I have no experience with Krell products. As far as I know they have a good reputation. Can anyone provide advise to assist me in my decision between the Krell and the RSP-1098? I am interested reliability and support as well as actual product performance. I use the system for 70% music/30% theater. The other key components are a RMB-1075 amp and Dynaudio Contour series speakers. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  • Andrew Pratt
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
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    That's a really tough choice as both are going to be wonderfully sounding units. I'd guess the Rotel will have more features while the krell will be more bare bones but I could be off base and given your preference for 2 channel it might not matter. Does the krell have a true analog input for DVD-A and SACD?


    • Lex
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      • Apr 2001
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      Well, Krell's had a good reputation over the years. I believe they have slipped from the limelight some though the past few years. Sometimes, you see bargain Krell stuff on various auction sites. That doesn't mean they are bad.

      But I think Rotel is likely more in tune with the home theater market, just guessing. The Showcase line has been around a couple of years, but you hear remarkedly little about it, you hear of few people that own it. Why? That's the question I have, is why. We know what a following Rotel has, look at Club Rotel.

      Were it me, I'd look at a Lexicon before a Krell, but Lexicon may not be in your group of choices.

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      • David Meek
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        • Aug 2000
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        Hi Mike,

        Tell your dealer this will require a home-audition for the Showcase and the Rotel. If he/she's a stand-up dealer, this will not be an issue. A decision for you at that price point should involve hearing the units in your home. Remember, you are in the driver's seat here - the dealer needs your money, you don't need the equipment. An A/B listening session will tell you what you need to know.

        Both Rotel and Krell are well established, well thought of electronics firms. Rotel is a more mid-range focused company moving upward while Krell is a high-end firm that is moving into the mid-range electronic environment. Both will most likely be around to support your purchase for years to come.

        Good luck.

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