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  • Karri
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2003
    • 14

    Panasonic F85

    Does anyone have any good or bad comments on this DVD Changer?
    I like the features it has but can't test drive it where I live.
    Like to know how fast it is when deciphering between DVD, Jpeg, CD's, and mpegs. Any problems I should be aware of?
    Thanks and have a great day.
  • rlin
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2003
    • 24

    I tried out the Panasonic F85S at home (bought a store-demo model from Circuit City) and here's my thought on this player. Overall it is decent for its price.

    The disc changing speed is pretty fast, however the speed of reading disc is only average at best.
    Ability to adjust picture quality (contrast, brightness, gamma, noise reduction, monitor type -LCD, CRT, etc)
    Default picture is decent.
    Resume both DVD and Audio CD from the point of stopping.
    Imperceptable layer-changing
    Decent error correction
    Ability to read CD-ROM full of JPEG (I have not tried this feature so can't comment on it)

    Hate the built-in display - very tiny - pretty much useless
    No disc direct buttons on the main unit (must use remote)
    Cluttered, hard to see buttons on the main unit
    Not going to win any beauty contest.

    Panasonic DVD-F61A - The F85 has much better DVD tracking, error correction, and inperceptable layer changing. You get what you pay for.

    Denon DVM-4800
    Interestingly, the DVM-4800 has very very similar firmware setup as F85s. As a matter of fact without looking at the brand or looking at the machines themselves you would think the DVM-4800 and F85s are sister machines. The DVM-4800 cost $999 (now discontinued) but I bought one refurbished for $300 at So why Denon cost so much?
    Well, the Denon fixed the above ergonomic quirks - it has direct disc access on the machine, beautiful and informative display on the machine, and better built quality. The surprising part is the picture quality - dispite very similar firmware setup, under default setting Denon has slightly better color saturation and sharpness. The sound also not as bright and easier on the ear than the F85. Overall I prefer the Denon DVM-4800 over the F85S even though the DVM-4800 does not read CD-ROM full of JPEG. The flip side is for $300 you get a refurshed DVM-4800 but you can buy TWO Panasonic F85S for the price.

    BOTTOM LINE - you get what you pay for - Go for Denon if you want picture quality but at $149 the Panasonic F85s is a decent changer for the price. Don't bother with the cheaper F65 or F61.



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