Avia Pro DVD (and Digital Video Essentials)

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  • Chris D
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Dec 2000
    • 16877

    Avia Pro DVD (and Digital Video Essentials)

    For those who don't know, new editions of Avia and Digital Essentials are about to be released for new technologies since the original editions. Both videos are useful reference items to use in learning about, setting up, and fully calibrating your system in both audio and video. I own both original editions, along with other discs, and can't wait for the new ones to come out. However, they will not include a few reference items on the originals, so if you can still find them anywhere, I'd recommend you buy them now.

    I just got an E-mail about Avia Pro, posted below. $400!!!!! Wow, this better be worth it!

    As most of you are aware, the release date for AVIA Pro has been postponed
    until fall to ensure the suite includes the most extensive and advanced
    calibration tools available on the market.

    We apologize for the delay, but these advancements will be worth the wait!
    The development team has made significant improvements to several video test
    patterns in the past months. In the mean time, we encourage you to read the
    following description of details and features that AVIA Pro will offer.


    The Ovation Team

    ************************************************** **************************
    About AVIA Pro

    AVIA Professional (AVIA Pro) is a multi-disc calibration, set-up and test
    suite from Ovation. It is the most technologically advanced solution
    available for use in the professional and home theater environments. The
    suite consists of seven DVDs and a user manual designed to be an
    all-inclusive product for the calibration of video and audio systems.

    AVIA Pro includes state-of-the-art audio and video test signals developed by
    Ovation, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) industry standards, and
    other materials from SMPTE, RPG and Genesis Microchip. The user manual
    provides necessary instructions for the use of each disc.

    The AVIA Pro video test disc, by Ovation, contains more than 1,000 new test
    signals with approximately 3,000 variations, providing the video or
    home-theater professional unprecedented flexibility and new capabilities.

    AVIA Pro not only improves "traditional" signals, but also permits functions
    never before possible. The variation of patterns available allows users to
    select the one best suited for the job, resulting in a customized test
    pattern generator for each project. Special emphasis during product
    development was placed on testing and adjusting wide-screen technology, and
    newer video and fixed panel display technologies such as LCD, DLP, LCOS,
    SXRD and Plasma.

    AVIA Pro's audio test disc, also provided by Ovation, includes sound tones
    for Dolby, DTS and surround sound up to 7.1. SACD test tones also may be

    CEA has provided the information necessary for manufacturers to meet the
    Standard Method of Measurement for DVD-Video Players (Standard EIA/CEA-896).
    This standard was developed based on NTSC specifications and created to make
    it easier to compare the functionality of DVD-Video players. The CEA disc
    contains a suite of test signals designed to gauge and evaluate the
    performance of DVD-Video players. Specifically, the standard defines test
    signals and test procedures for measuring different aspects of brightness
    and color, while helping to measure signal and audio-related

    The SMPTE portion of AVIA Pro specifically monitors equipment errors in the
    motion imaging industry, focusing on tests patterns for color and motion.

    RPG has developed two computer programs titled Room Optimizer and Room
    Sizer. This software is an automated process designed to take full advantage
    of listener and equipment placement as well as take into consideration the
    specific room dimensions for the Critical Listening Room environment.
    Details include a new methodology for determining the room size for the
    small critical listening spaces to achieve the flattest possible frequency
    response. Also, RPG provides information for minimizing acoustical
    distortion in project studios. This includes details relevant to acoustical
    issues facing design of such studios, suggestions about addressing these
    problems and the real-world limitations of these suggestions.

    The information provided by Genesis as part of AVIA Pro includes various
    test patterns to optimize microchip technology and help achieve life-like,
    visibly better images.

    The cost of AVIA Pro is $400 and will be available through direct sales.

    100 Front Street
    Suite 400
    Marietta, OH 45750
    740-373-6212 (T)
    740-373-6331 (F)

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  • Eduardo
    Moderator emeritus
    • Jun 2002
    • 1258

    8O - $400 - :cry:

    Its definitely for the pros.



    • Brandon B
      Super Senior Member
      • Jun 2001
      • 2193

      Hmmm. With tax write-off its's only $300 or so. Bargain.



      • Rock Dog
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Jan 2003
        • 417

        DA-yum, that's like "Lex Money" or something.


        The easiest way to find something lost around the house, is to buy a replacement.

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        • justin
          • Feb 2003
          • 89

          I just got my Avia disk last week. I knew about the video essentials disk that was due out. Just my luck. A new version for Avia and out of my price range right now. When it says PRO it means BIG money. $400 bucks.


          Taking it one day at a time. Life moves quick.

          Taking it one day at a time. Life moves quick.


          • Burke Strickland
            • Sep 2001
            • 3161

            Most people who own it don't even use all the tests on the existing AVIA disc. I only know one person who might actually use the calibration, set up and tests on the AVIA PRO suite enough to justify the expense of $400. (He reviews projectors for HT magazines.) Unless and until hyperinflation kicks in, I know for sure I will not be spending that much on any DVD -- test disc or otherwise.

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            • Lex
              Moderator Emeritus
              • Apr 2001
              • 27461

              That's exhorborant for sure. 400 buckaroos, ouch!

              I guess they are aiming purely for the professional here.

              Rather a limited market I would think, and even they will think twice at 400.

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              • David Meek
                Moderator Emeritus
                • Aug 2000
                • 8938

                Okay, don't panic! There's a "mere mortals" version coming out on September 2nd called Digital Video Essentials that's priced around (or below) $20.00 US at DVD Empire, Amazon, etc.

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                • Chris D
                  Moderator Emeritus
                  • Dec 2000
                  • 16877

                  Ah yes, I already have DVE on order with Amazon. I was planning on buying Avia Pro as well,as I usually buy all of these sort of discs, but $400 seems to be beyond even "well, it's expensive, but maybe I can splurge".

                  Nothing on Amazon for Avia Pro, yet. but the news release above makes me wonder if it will only be sold through Ovation direct. I'm not sure too many resellers will keep this one in stock at that price.

                  Luke: "Hey, I'm not such a bad pilot myself, you know"

                  Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
                  - Pleasantville


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