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    I didnt want to continue to hi-jack Will's thread about Metal, so I simply decided to start this one.

    Brian C.

    I have not heard the Warszawa cd, but I read the allmusic guide overview and it sounds like you got a nice sample of some of their older stuff with this disk. Inabsentia was probably most people's first experiance with P.T. in this country. A friend of mine got me the Stars Die CD which has a much much more Floyd like feeling to it than the Inabsentia release. To me Inabsentia is staring Prog Metal right in the face. Deadwing is the followup and carries the same overall tone as Inabsentia. Deadwing took a bit to grow on me, but frankly I might like it better.

    Floyd, Dream Theater, (Old Rush), Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Billy Thorpe, James Labrie, King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment, Neal Morse, OSI, Opeth, Queensrych, Spocks Beard, Tool & some Alan Parsons make up my collection more or less of what you might call Prog Rock so my collection is pretty small and there is some stuff I frankly could care less about and maybe some I overlooked.

    Anyone else? :T

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    I've been digging a little deeper, and have come up with more Porcupine Tree albums:

    ~On the Sunday of Life (1998 )
    ~Lightbulb Sun (2000)
    ~Voyage 34: The Complete Trip (2000)

    I've only had opportunity to scan through these rather quickly, but I'm really liking what I hear. I need to start spending more evenings with the lights down low, and the stereo cranked up (I also need to build that music server I've been thinking about!).

    As far as your other mentions:

    Floyd ~ Oh yeah!!

    Dream Theater ~ Goes without saying. It's one of the few bands that gets played very frequently in my house and my truck. I think I've managed to collect every studio release, every fan club release, and even a bunch of bootlegs. Ever checked out some of the fan release CD's? They've got a couple albums where they cover other bands, namely Pink Floyd and Metallica. ENTIRE albums, like Master of Puppets and Dark Side of the Moon. Waayyyy cool stuff!

    (Old Rush) ~ Again, too much Rush is never enough. I kinda lost interest after Roll the Bones, but every album before is fantastic, and every album after has something good on it!

    Porcupine Tree ~ I'm learnin' and likin'...

    Blackfield ~ Same thing!

    Billy Thorpe ~ Never really been into it, but I'm going back to the classics, so I'll check it out.

    James Labrie ~ Elements of Persuasion... great album! It's a permanent resident on my MP3 player.

    King Crimson ~ Again, something I've only had a passing exposure to, but I'm going to audition more of...

    Liquid Tension Experiment ~ Got 'em both

    Neal Morse ~ No idea... I'll have to take a look-see

    OSI ~ Ditto...

    Opeth ~ Dbl Ditto...

    Queensryche ~ OLD 'Ryche. I'm sorry, but from Promised Land forward, they lost their spark. After Degarmo left the band (but I guess he's back), I feel that they hit a real low point. I saw them live with DT, and frankly, they should've made Queensryche the opening act, and limited their set to 30 minutes or less. DT blew them away! But, they redeemed themselves by doing an encore set with DT, starting out with Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. It was mind-blowing!
    I was fortunate enough to see them in their "heyday", on the Building Empires tour, when they started out their nearly 3 hour set with Operation Mindcrime. That has to rate as one of the best live shows I've ever seen. I saw them again on the Promised Land tour (with Type-O Negative?!? :E ), and again, it was a good concert (opening band notwithstanding).

    Spocks Beard ~ I've listened to a little, and need to listen to some more before I can say either way...

    Tool ~ In a class all by themselves. Maynard is so screwed up, yet so freakin' talented. Aenema (the title track from the CD of the same name) ranks as one of my top 10 favorite songs. Very disturbing band, live.

    Alan Parsons ~ Only some? : I think I have every studio release... so melodic, yet so experimental. Fantastic sound production on most of their albums. I've never seen Parsons live, but it's one of the 5,239,234 things I've got to do before I die (or he does!).

    Others in my collection...
    The Mars Volta (very odd, kinda like Tool LITE)
    Jordan Rudess (DT alum.)
    Derek Sherinian (another DT alum.)
    Kamelot ~ a lot like DT, with maybe a little more of the "hair band" sound.
    Faith No More ~ God, why-oh-why-oh-why did these guys have to go away?? Oh, that's right! Because Mike Patton, while he's a musical genius, is a NUTBERGER. Good stuff, nonetheless.
    Victor ~ A one-hit (no-hit?) wonder by Alex Lifeson of Rush. Very experimental, but a good listen.
    Jethro Tull ~ C'mon... anybody that can mix a flute with rock... well...

    And last, but certainly not least...

    Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Can't get enough. I literally "cut my teeth" on Tarkus (and probably busted my lip on an old set of Utah loudspeakers, while jammin' as a young lad in my dad's attic listening room. :T )


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      Wow thats a great post. Some of those guys I have never heard.

      Rush was my favorite growing up but I currently own nothing newer than Signals and have heard nothing newer than Presto (Except for Feedback and the live in Rio DVD). I completely respect Rush's attitude toward their music in that they feel that once they reach a certain point it is time to move onto a new challenge, but I just never got down with the sound after Signals.

      Geddy's voice is not nearly what it used to be but the guys can still put on a show. Recently I was random playing some Rush and it went from Spirit of the Radio on Rush in Rio to the sutdio version and it was an amazing differance in Geddy's voice., course 23 years will do that to you.
      From worst to first for me (from what I have heard) would be
      Grace Under Pressure
      Hold Your Fire
      Power Windows

      Permamnent Waves
      Caress of Steel/ Fly by Night/Signals
      2112/Farewell To Kings/Moving Pictures/Hemispheres

      I have always wanted to hear Dream Theater's Master of Puppets and Dark Side of the Moon cd's. You can clearly hear a lot of Metalica in some of their songs anywere from just a remnint to an outright note for note series. I have always considered that a show of respect to Metalica, but I know of some Metalica fans that thought otherwise. I only own a handfull of DT, lets see, I own Awake, Live at budokan, Octavarium, Scenes from a Memory (my first DT), Six Degrees of Inner Turbulance and Train of Thought. So, what should I get next or I should ask, how can I get the Master and Dark Side covers?

      I am a realative newby to the Prog scene other than Floyd and Rush as I am sure you can tell.

      I struggle a little with some of the growling stuff that Opeth and some others put out, thats not really my thing.

      As far as P.T. I am not sure you have a surround set up, but if you get a chance to listen to Stupid Dream. Regardless of the format Stupid dream is fantastic, but the DVD-A is simply one of the best I own.
      Deadwing DVD-A, InAbsentia DVD-A, Lightbulb Sun (special edition, remastered), Sky Moves Sideways (Bonus edition, remastered), Stars Die the Delerium years, Up The Downstair (special Edition, remastered), Stupid Dream DVD-A & XM-II

      For my money Floyd put on the best show I have ever witnessed. I went to the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour and it was 3 hours of Audio nirvanna. The Sound was crisp, clear, loud and it was my first surround sound experiance. With that being said, I really have never been a huge concert go-er. I have seen Rush a few times and a handfull of other hard rock showes.

      Do you ever visit That is the sight I have used in the past to sample some Prog stuff that I am not familier with. I think it was that sight that I first heard Opeth and Liquid Tension.

      I am almost embarrased to mention this, but I never listened to Queesnrych at all until this past year and am limited to Operation Mind Crime and Empire DVD-A.

      Alan Parsons is someone who I also struggle with a bit....or maybe I don't have his better stuff. It is soooooooo laid back that I really have to be in the mood for it for the most part except for the song the Raven...I love that song.

      The only Billy thorpe that I own is called Children of the Sun - Revisited. I love the song, but the whole disk is good. I checked and Allmusic doesnt even list the revisited disk that I own, but it is available from, but he is a bit obscure as best I can tell.

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        I'd like to respond to a few specific things in your post, but it's getting late, so I'll have to do it tomorrow...

        I wanted to mention a few more artists in my collection that I neglected earlier:

        Shadow Gallery
        Robin Trower
        Muse (don't know if it can be considered "prog-rock", but considering your tastes in music, you may like it)
        Explorer's Club (James LaBrie)
        John Petrucci (how could I forget the fantastic prog-rock guitar work of DT's main axe-man??)

        And one that I feel had at least one foot firmly planted in prog-rock, though some would consider it almost "bubble-gum rock" from the 80's... Asia.


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