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New meaning to short throw large image

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  • New meaning to short throw large image

    Was at the Montreal audio show last weekend and while only about 15-20% of the show has a video focus, Sony did have something quite interesting (though prohibitively expensive, at 50,000$)--a very short throw (about 18-20 inches from the screen, on the floor) PJ that generated an astonishing 10ft wide and 5 ft or so high 4K image--with lasers as a light source (20,000 hrs estimated lifespan until luminosity begins to drop off, according to the rep--a far cry from 2000 hours to half luminosity as is rather frequent in bulbed projection systems).

    If I won a lottery ticket, I'd be all over that sucker. As it is, I can only cross my fingers the rep was right about his view that the light engine would likely be available in a more traditional unit by 2017. If only I can make my current PJ last that long without having to replace another bulb.

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    Yeah there was another one of these a year or so back, I think from panasonic or sanyo can't remember.


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      It's very unfortunate that they don't advertise that show better. I would have loved to go! Maybe Mr. Ovation and I could have met up!!??
      Dan Madden :T


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        From CES 2015:Click image for larger version

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        Kal Rubinson
        "Music in the Round"
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          Thank you for the photos, Kal!

          AFA the duel projectors, No Dancing Allowed!
          Plus, it is tough enough getting my LF & RF mains positioned properly.
          I wounder if you could dig a fox hole in your floor to put those behemoths in? :scratchhead:


          Practicing Curmudgeon & Audio Snob
          ....just an "ON" switch, Please!



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            With proper bracing they can be ceiling mounted.


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              Originally posted by Ovation View Post
              With proper bracing they can be ceiling mounted.

              Yep -- brace yourself for their fall on your head. :>)


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