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  • Chris D
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Dec 2000
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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit Vista Series

    P-p-p-p-p-p-p-lease watch this movie?

    Great flick. 15 years after the first release, this movie is re-released on DVD in the "Vista Series", with an excellent DVD transfer and new special features.

    This is a fantastic idea for a movie, mixing animation into real-world film. It's been done before this movie, and has been done again since. But I think this movie set a milestone in animation films. From the beginning, it was designed as a fresh, new story, with so many aspects that had never been seen before. Instead of relying on already-famous characters, Robert Zemeckis and Stephen Spielberg go with the new character of Roger Rabbit, adapted from the book. And they could have tried to hang the entire success of the movie on the premise of mixing real life film and cartoons, but went further, telling a whole story that is interesting, engaging, and fun. Like another animated great, Toy Story, the animation magic becomes second to the presentation of a fully developed story.

    The DVD transfer is very nice in this edition, in both sound and picture. THX certified, for what it's worth. Some may watch the movie and pick out rough edges on the drawn cartoons. But remember, this movie was made before computer animation, and every single cell (I think over 80,000) was hand-drawn by animators. This was even before The Little Mermaid, which in my mind was THE defining movie milestone for Disney and animation in general, rebirthing the genre to a whole new level.

    The director's commentary and extra features are great, giving a lot of insight into the little tricks and factoids about how the movie was made. Did you realize that the policeman who gets Eddie Valiant started on his investigation was choked by Darth Vader in Star Wars? Do you recognize all the different character voices? Did you know that Roger Rabbit was the most expensive movie made to that date, spending so much time and money on details like shadows and lighting for each animated character? The directors rightly point out as well that some things done in Roger Rabbit are likely to never happen again, especially the inclusion of animated characters from multiple movie corporations. This movie may be the one and only time you see Daffy Duck and Donald Duck in the same film, much less right next to each other, dueling on two pianos. Or that you see Porky Pig walk right in front of Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Pinocchio, Yosemite Sam, and Snow White.

    Me, I'm a sucker for cartoons, too, laughing like a little child at the great silliness of the whole situation. It reminds me of the joys of childhood, and I think it takes some great intelligence and creativity to create some of the silly ideas in cartoons.

    Okay, and who could ever forget Jessica Rabbit? :boobies: I'll give this DVD :5 just for her, if nothing else! This is definitely a movie I'll keep for years to come, waiting to show my children!

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  • Dean McManis
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    • May 2003
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    Thanks for the review Chris,

    I got Roger Rabbit when it first came out on DVD and it was great to have it on DVD, but when the new remastered version came out I happily picked it up, and the video quality and extras were well worth the upgrade price for me.

    It's a really enjoyable and funny movie, and suitable for all ages.



    • Zed
      Junior Member
      • Jun 2003
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      Hey i just happened to see this thread and I didn't even realize there was a new version out. I might have to take a look at it. It's kind of unfair when you compare this movie to the Pixar type CGI. Sure it's not the same quality, but to think every single cell was drawn by human hands is amazing.

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