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  • Tron: Legacy

    I saw this on the weekend of release. I went to the Imax 3D presentation.

    Those of us that enjoyed the original, should find this movie very satisfying. On the other hand, if you are the type that goes to a film based on a guy being sucked into a computer and then try to dissect for it's lack of realism...

    I sat about about half the distance from the screen and centered. I thought the 3D was very well done. Adding more depth to the film. Not just trying to use every chance it could to push something in your eyes. I also never found the image to lack brightness. Something that can be a issue when using 3D glasses.

    The sound was fantastic! Extremely clear and very dynamic. And if the Blu-Ray has the same LFE as the theatrical release, those that run their subwoofers hot have been warned!!!
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    I too saw it in theaters with my little brother two days ago. We saw it at a RealD equipped cinema that tends to only realign their projectors when someone complains or the DM comes by for a visit :P Not the best theater overall, but they seemed to give Tron the red carpet treatment with a clean theater, newer projector, and properly framed and aligned picture. Sound was punchy and great, but the theater speakers seemed to muddy the overall imaging - dialog in action scenes was notoriously difficult to understand, but again, that's the theater's fault.

    The LFE, however, was spot on in all but the heaviest of scenes. The theater sub had very audible clipping when heavily taxed, so I second Mr. Holmes: if you're running your sub hot or high, you may want to dial it down for the BD release.

    Overall, I absolutely enjoyed the movie through and through, and it's one of a few movies who give me that "let's go see it again!" feeling (I hate theaters, and rarely step out to see a film in them - this was the first film since Scott Pilgrim I saw in the theater). The soundtrack (courtesy of Daft Punk) was nothing short of blood pumping ecstasy as well, and those of you who enjoy classic electronica will feel the need to buy the soundtrack immediately after the show. The use of color and deep, inky blacks will give even the highest-end of displays a thorough beating come the BD release, and the beautiful use of 3D will undoubtedly leave people scratching their heads, but only because it's one of the first films that did 3D right (no gimmicky shots, proper depth of field, etc).

    Highly recommended for everyone, and practically mandatory viewing for those with a 3D IMAX theater nearby.


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      I saw it in 3D IMAX, really enjoyed it. Though as much as the 3D stuff was hyped (I was under the impression that this would be the best 3D I would have seen so far) I was a little disappointed in that regard. The trailer for the 3D IMAX jungle animals thing was insane as far as the 3D element goes! Anyhow I like the movie and will surely get the combo pack whenever it comes out. Already got the soundtrack, which I thought was awesome :T (though I am a bit of a soundtrack junkie)


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