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Bang & Olufsen Redline 60 speaker repair

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  • Bang & Olufsen Redline 60 speaker repair

    Attention moderators, if I've placed this post in the wrong location, please move it where it belongs and don't delete it because some forum members may be able to find some real value with my efforts. Thank you, Mike Cason

    I recently picked up a pair of B & O Redline 60 type 6503 from a customer who bought them new in 1985.

    I used them in place of my mains while I had the mains out here in the shop for a major upgrade. They are so detailed and clean with a 93 dB efficiency.

    This model was placed in the Musuem of Fine Arts due to its innovation and design.

    I heard something rattling inside so I took them apart and found that the ABR or auxillary bass radiator is comprised of a single large metal plate affixed to a mounting housing frame with foam and had come apart due to the foam rotting.

    I have redesigned a new permanent fix for them and rebuilt them with some Danish Tyhmphany SDS 5.25" passive radiators and have upgraded the crossovers. The foam kits for the original ABR's aren't available anymore and if they were, they would fail again. I have rebuilt them for my side surrounds in my HT system due to their sound quality and extremely high efficiency. My next DIY project just happened to be a side surround speaker to run in parallel with my in ceiling Polk RC85I.

    I found another pair in Arizona this weekend and bought them for $125 shipped and will dis-assemble them and keep the spare drivers and parts sealed up and put away for future repairs as you won't be able to find exact replacement parts any more. The drivers are well engineered and the xover R & D is so perfect, matching the drivers with the cabinet, so I wanted a back up supply.

    If any one has a pair of them and has a similar problem, I have designed a
    permanent fix for theim and have detailed my modifications and upgrades and have posted them on my new website I put online this week. Total cost to fix including rebuilding the crossovers was only $125.00! They are awesome with my modifications completed!! :lol:

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    B & O RL60 mods.

    Hi, I know this thread goes back a while, but I bought a pair of RL60's that came without the original passive radiators or surrounds. Happily the person who sold them refunded the purchase price of A$50.00 when I told her about the missing items. So I have bought 4 Peerless 830880 passive radiators, and wonder about fitting them. I plan to use marine ply as a substitute for the steel plate and wonder if thickness is critical. All the wiring was disconnected when they arrived, so someone a bit strange had them in the past, but now they are rewired they are working ok again. Any suggestions about plate thickness?, thanks.Alan, Melbourne Australia.


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      I am the guy who redesigned the RL60 and had those pr's built in China. I closed down and sold the remaining stock to Madisound.

      I recommend a 1/4" hardboard like our Masonite product rather than plywood which can resonate. The Masonite will tend to absorb rather than resonate and amplify any unwanted sounds.

      Hope this link to my pics can help you:
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        B&O RL60

        Many thanks indeed for the information and the link. Great photos, and I will take the info to Speakerbits here in Melbourne for advice about rebuilding the crossovers, they sold me the passive radiators, so can help with the electronics.
        Once again many thanks.


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          B&O RL60 crossovers.

          Hi Mike,
          Thanks again for the reply and info. Can you explain why you used 400v caps, and would you advise the values of all caps and resistors used in your upgrades.
          Many thanks Alan, Melbourne, Australia.


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