1098 video upconversion?

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  • Steve B
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2004
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    1098 video upconversion?

    I posted this over at Home Theater Forum, but figured this was a better place. Sorry for the redundancy if any of you follow both forums!

    I just hooked up my new 1098 over the weekend. I haven't had any time yet to do any calibration and/or tweaking. I can't really comment on the 1098 yet since I really haven't had enough of a chance to play with (and hopefully fall in love with ) it! Another post I suppose....

    However, one thing I did notice immediately was that the quality of the composite to component video upconversion was surprisingly bad. Yes, I said bad.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or did I hose something up? For comparison I have:

    2)Coax>cable box>composite out>rsp 1098 composite in>rsp 1098 component out>TV component in.

    Path one looks significantly better, in fact, path 2 looks downright awful.

    I might be heading out to buy another composite cable and an S-video cable. Which, by the way, kind of sucks since I will have to do a bit of dis-assembly to hook them up. Oh well, hard to complain about that...

    Any thoughts?
  • skipm
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2003
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    Congrats on aquiring your 1098 and welcome to the club! The longer you own it the more you will be amazed. Now, as for your video problem, ideally the 1098 should be doing nothing more than passing the composite signal from your cable box to your TV. I don't have anything hooked up via composite at this time. I briefly had my Replay unit hooked up that way just to see the difference between composite and s-video. S-video looked much better so that's the way I left it.

    You are pretty much doing the right thing for now, checking cables and connections, and you are on the path if you can connect your cable box via s-video instead of composite.

    What cable box do you have?



      Senior Member
      • Oct 2003
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      I found that the component video to component video is the best way to go, you may need to upgrade that sat converter box. mixing the two never looked good to me


      • Andrew Pratt
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
        • 16507

        The only source I have running in composite is the VCR and that gets converted to component for the projector but given how crappy it looks to begin with and how infrequently I use it (its basically an expensive clock!) I haven't notice it being worse then expected. As others mentioned likely what's going on is that the TV is doing a better job of reading the composite signal then the Rotel...which honestly isn't surprising since composite can be a bit of a pain to display nicely.


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