An Informed Rumour on the 1098

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  • Aussie Geoff
    Super Senior Member
    • Oct 2003
    • 1914

    An Informed Rumour on the 1098


    Searching the web on the 1098 and firmware I've started to form a theory (and theories are always fun)...

    Fact: Rotel are working on a V2.0 of the firmware for the 1098 which requires an update to the ROM Software of the DSP Processor in the 1098 from Version 3.1 to 3.2 (see the post by Arnold van Oostrum in the thread titled "New 1098 Firmware Uploaded V.1.1.4").

    Fact: The DSP Processor in the 1098 is the latest by Cirrus Logic with versions used on most of the best competing Processors.

    Fact: Cirrus already have a number of THX Ultra and Ultra2I certified implementations (such as the Lexicon).

    Fact: Cirrus (on their web-site) can supply licensed THX EX and THX Ultra2 certified processing code for (what appears to be) the same chipset as in the 1098

    Fact: Cirrus demonstrated Dolby ProLogic IIx at its launch on basically the same DSP configuration as the 1098.

    Fact: Rotel have already THX Ultra certified their high end multi-channel and stereo amplifiers.

    Fact: The two suggested items that Rotel didn't comment on in their response to the my thread on the 1098 wish list V1.0 were to do with implementing THX Processing and Dolby ProLogic IIx support.

    Fact: Rotel have a history of changing version numbers for a major upgrade of their products software (e.g the jump from V1 to V2 in the RSP 1066).

    Fact: The Rotel 1098 software engineers seem distracted right now, busy on other things with the fix to the DTS ES issues delayed.

    Informed Rumour: Rotel are in the process of developing and finalising a significant upgrade to the 1098 firmware (V2.0 or 2.1) and a matching update to the DSP ROM code (V3.2) which will deliver THX Ultra or Ultra 2 processing and Dolby Pro Logic IIx on the 1098.

    Andrew - I know you're probably sworn to secrecy on this so....

    Any others have a view or information that supports this or otherwise?

    Geoff Costello
  • Scarp
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
    • 632

    I still would be very suprised about THX certification on the 1098. Its not a simple task of adding the software for it. The unit must be tested and some other parts must also follow the THX certification. This costs money and would add to the price of the 1098 (or cut from the profit of Rotel). Some of the amps indeed have THX certifications but for amps its a bit easier and they have been around a bit longer and lately they seemed to step off from the thx thing.

    Also I hardly see any benefit to THX. I had an Onkyo receiver with THX Select and never used any of its THX modes.

    New dolby prologic IIx would be a nice thing and a good v2.0 software version of the 1098 seems a good thing too, especially if they fix the problems and maybe add some new good features (and add no new bugs).

    Lets wait and see.


    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      I agree I bet we'll see PLIIx long before THX on the 1098...and even then given we have Rotel's XS processing even that's not a big deal to me.

      Actually I'm going to go out a limb and say we'll never see THX on any future Rotel receiver/pre pro's


      • zeppelin
        • May 2003
        • 67

        I tend to agree with Andrew. Rotel want to keep the prices of its electronics as low as possibble and adding THX certified to the existing pre amp would cost much higher and for those who already own the 1098 I dont think you'll get a THX extra features cost you'll have to pay the extras and royalty to the THX company. Dont think they will give it for free.
        By the way I am not really into THX cause sometime it makes the sound a bit more dull.


        • Aussie Geoff
          Super Senior Member
          • Oct 2003
          • 1914

          Thanks for the useful feedback. There are a couple of other posts from people that are also concerned about the extra cost of THX certificaiton.

          Given the dilemma - we have some people that want THX and other that don't see the benefit; I'll make it clear in the updated list that this is "at no extra cost". That is I'm sure people won't mind THX Ultra if it's there, it's just that not everyone will use it.

          Interestingly, as I have now had a look at the THX web site, a number of the features people have requested exist in the THX Select, Ultra or Ultra2 specifications. For example one of the basics is "Bass Peak Level Manager" which (to me) looks like the Subwoofer level manager by another name. So perhaps while some of the more esoteric things (timbre matching etc) may not be required, there might be some basics that would be handy (at no extra cost of course).


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