Dunlavy Audio ceased operations

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  • Lex
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Apr 2001
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    Dunlavy Audio ceased operations

    I didn't hear about this until now, November 2002, gone. Seems a bit strange, I thought Dunlavy was a fairly big name. Wonder why they didn't sell the company?


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  • Burke Strickland
    • Sep 2001
    • 3161

    Originally posted by Lex
    Wonder why they didn't sell the company?
    According to reports elsewhere, Dunlavy sold the company over a year ago, but the new owners didn't do well with it. (I can send you some reference URLs.) In today's more troubled economic times, it might not be too easy to sell a company that has been run into the ground. Reportedly, Dunlavy is very unhappy with what the new owners have done with it.


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    • Rock Dog
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      • Jan 2003
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      I have never been able to undersand the thought process' of someone who sells their company (especially one that is cherished, and built from scratch) when it fails "under new management." You sold it! If you were worried about it ultimately failing, or being run ino the ground, while your name was still on it. You could've insisted that your name not go with it. Although in the case of Dunlavy, it most likely would have gone under quicker, due to a lack of name recognition. But still... :roll:

      A similar thing happened to Bob Carver and his Carver company. Although... If I'm not mistaken. He lost Carver in some sort of power struggle and divorce scenario. Either way it's a damn shame. :cry:


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      • David Meek
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        • Aug 2000
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        Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to listen to any of Mr. Dunlavy's speakers. But from what I've read and heard about them, whether they fit your musical tastes or not, they were high quality items. It's sad that we've lost another "enthusiast" source of good speakers.

        P.S. I hope this was an "I'm gonna enjoy my life for a while" decision and not an economy-enforced move.

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        • George Bellefontaine
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          • Jan 2001
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          Dunlavy gone. Shame.

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          • JonMarsh
            Mad Max Moderator
            • Aug 2000
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            Well regarded in some performance characteristics, but not very impressive (considering the cost) in workmanship, or quality of drivers. Management issues exisited with operations when Dunlavy owned it, and weren't improved after he sold it (so I hear, from the local scuttel butt in the Colorado audio scene (Dunlavy was in Colorado Springs).

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