Why do you upgrade?

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  • Andrew Pratt
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 16507

    Why do you upgrade?

    Its an interesting question to be asked. Do you upgrade to stay current with the latest formats like 6.1 and PLII or for sonic reasons or just because? I will be the first to admit I'm into this hobby as much for the gear as the movies. Thats not to say I don't love watching movies but on an hoursly basis I spend a lot less time watching movies then surfing the net reading about gear or tweaking my set up. Actually its a vicious circle in many regards since if it weren't for the forums I wouldn't have heard about the latest thing that "joe" bought or the new speakers that I just say on audiogon etc. Its intersting that I have just spent a few months building my new HT room, swapped my amp, swapped speakers, built an IB sub and I'm still looking for the next project. Actually the next project is the BFD that I'm getting and CARA that I've got to learn how to use....in short I can't smell the roses b/c I never let the grow long enough to flower. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without obessions

  • David Meek
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 8938

    Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without obessions

    Boring Andrew. It would be really boring. :Z

    Personally, I upgrade to increase the level of my enjoyment of the movie, TV show or music I like. Gear is definitely good and I enjoy tweaking it to make it perform better and just playing with it in general, but the be-all and end-all is a better looking and sounding movie, and better sounding music.

    P.S. Now that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to eventually follow an upgrade path to a pair of Rockport Hyperions. :B

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    • efarstad
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Jun 2001
      • 2231

      I'd say I upgrade for better sound/performance....now that I've got separates for both HT and 2-channel with all the speakers to go with...I don't know how much upgrading I'll do....but I better hold my tongue cuz ya never know.

      What caused all this upgrading? Forums like this!

      The ONLY forseeable upgrade (but not really it's more like an addition) is front projection for my HT room, but I'll still use my RPTV as well in that room.

      So I upgrade, not because I have to, but as an adict I'll admit it and say it's because I want to! ops:


      The Norwegian A/V Nut!

      The Norwegian A/V Nut!


      • Burke Strickland
        • Sep 2001
        • 3161

        I can't think of any upgrade that I have made "just because". My upgrades are focused on increasing my listening and viewing pleasure, not just getting gear for gear's sake (although I've accumulated a ton of it). :>)

        I have typically upgraded because:

        1) the old equipment is no longer serviceable (e.g., expensive repairs cannot be economically justified when compared to the cost of newer, better performing gear) -- my Rega Planar 3 turntable falls into that category since parts for my old Dual turntable were no longer readily available and it "needed some work" to be usable again, :>) or ,

        2) because I've experienced a demo that makes me recognize that the state of the art has moved significantly beyond what I have at home -- my Magnepan MG 3.6 speakers easily fall into this category since I had been very pleased with the speakers I had been using in my system before them and had no reason to expect a need to upgrade based on numerous demos of a lot of other speakers of all types and price ranges -- until I heard the Maggies -- or,

        3) I want to try new formats -- not necessarily the "surround flavor of the month" so much as the next major step up in an area. like getting DVD after already having invested in about 500 laser discs and two LD players:>) (although serendipitously, my choice of pre/pro happens to include or can be upgraded to virtually all the latest surround formats whether software is available for them or not) or,

        4) I need to beef up other components to maximize the return on investment in one of the preceding categories -- my BEL 1001 MK V power amp would fall into that category -- my older Acurus amp could certainly drive the Maggies, as it did for a year, but stepping up to the BEL (which seems to be a synergistic match with the Maggies made in sonic heaven) really, ahem, amplifies (renders even more of) the magical qualities that make the Maggies so satisfying to listen to day after day.


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        • Daryl Furkalo
          Senior Member
          • Feb 2002
          • 128

          I have been upgrading my equipment to improve the performance of my system. Now that my system is where it is now, and until the FPTV is hung, the next changes are going to be more difficult to make. Of course, I am not in my theatre room yet, still the living room, so I am not sure what the sonic characteristics in there are like yet.


          • Wireless
            Senior Member
            • Feb 2001
            • 140


            I upgrade to give me something to do. I get bored rather easily.

            The side benefit is that I receive a better picture/sound.

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            My HT Picts


            • JonMarsh
              Mad Max Moderator
              • Aug 2000
              • 15214

              Because I like building things.

              Maybe "like" isn't a strong enough word.

              Maybe it's an affinity for the smell of sawdust and flux fumes...

              Maybe it's because I'm a cheap skate of sorts, and I can't afford a $5K top end DAC with upsampling, reclocking, and 24/192 DAC's and zoot output buffers, but I can build one for 1K or so in parts, soooo, there you have it. (that is one of the projects underway- the base digital board should be functional tomorrow).

              I love music, and the more it sounds like the original performer, the closer I feel to it and the longer I can listen...



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              • George Bellefontaine
                Moderator Emeritus
                • Jan 2001
                • 7637

                With me it is (was) because I am never truly satisfied. However, retirement has changed me. I no longer have the money to throw around. So probably the only upgrade I am considering in the near future is projector-wise, and that still won't be for another year or two. I am caustiously watching the great strides being made in digital projectors, and really like the way prices are dropping. So in the meantime, I convince myself I am satisfied....satisfied.... well, maybe not completely.

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