Audio or Video more important to you?

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  • Doug
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2000
    • 118

    Audio or Video more important to you?

    Which is it? Audio or video that's most important to you in your system. Willing to bet, you could list your system contents and I could just about tell you without you telling me. But of course, there is the rare exception where maybe budget just can't keep up. Or then, is it so rare? lol.

    Tell me WHY it's more important as well.

    You can weezle out by saying it's the marriage of the two that's most important, but again, you gotta tell me why! lol.

  • Crimson
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 131

    Decent playback, eyes wide shut: the mind is a
    beautiful thing.

    PS: I've never been brought to tears by a movie.



    • pf
      • Oct 2000
      • 83

      I rest my case.



      • George Bellefontaine
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Jan 2001
        • 7637

        I'd have to say picture since I've always been more video minded than audio when it comes to home theater.Now that I have both excellent video and audio, I'm not sure I could do without both. No, I just couldn't go back to crappy sound.

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        My Homepage!


        • Andrew Pratt
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Aug 2000
          • 16507

          you have to ask?

          its audio for me. Basically I can watch a movie on a 25" TV with the TV speakers and really get into the movie (providing its a good one of course) but listening to music on a boombox will never get my mojo going


          • P-Dub
            Office Moderator
            • Aug 2000
            • 6766

            Hmmm, Audio or Video?

            I'd have to say Audio. My reasoning is that even with my 27" set, and a very basic HT system, I am always impressed with my DVD watching. If I had to go with a 50" set, with no HT gear, it would lose something. A couple of years ago my friend bought a 61" set and a DVD player. So I went over with The Mummy. He just had the TV speakers, so we fired it up. Eventhough the picture was nice and big, the sound was just crap. I did not enjoy the experience at all! Of course a few months later he got himself a nice setup.

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            • John Holmes
              Moderator Emeritus
              • Aug 2000
              • 2703

              I think audio first. My reasons are like Paul's. Last night we watched Shadow of the Vampire. And though it was well written, it would have still been just okay without the audio effects.

              There are a few films genres that can hold there own without the effects (most comedies, drama). But, a good horror, action, or sci-fi flick, can fool you into thinking you are there, with the right audio. I just don't feel that a TV can do this. But it does contibute to the disbelief.

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              "I have come here, to chew bubblegum and kickass. And I'm all out of bubblegum!!!"


              • Susan
                Moderator Emeritus
                • Jan 2001
                • 105

                Audio...without full, impressive sound, it just isn't the same...

                We party with a couple that have only a 19" TV, but a decent surround setup, and I can enjoy it as long s the sound is good. Another friend with a beautiful HDTV but lousy sound is painful to visit. :=)


                • Chip
                  Senior Member
                  • Aug 2001
                  • 232

                  Doug, lets see if you can give me the % by me listing my gear, lol..

                  B&K AVR-307
                  PSB Stratus Silveri' main's (high gloss black)
                  PSB Stratus C6I' center channel (high gloss black)
                  PSB Image 10S surround's
                  Sony S9000ES dvd player
                  Sony M-333ES mega changer
                  Dish 6000 high def receiver
                  Panny VCR
                  SVS 20-39PC sub
                  110 dvd's

                  Chip Engle

                  "Concrete ain't a spectator sport"

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