1066, 1098, BK50, Anthem 20

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  • Lthsell100
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2003
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    1066, 1098, BK50, Anthem 20

    Hello everyone, Im new to the forum and looking for advice. Im looking for the most features/parameters for the buck and ease of use!!! Good learning remote helps too. From the 1066/1098 to BK50, Anthem AVM20. So many to choose from and so few to actually hear in the stores. For now I have to settle for downloading the manuals and advice from people like you. I have pretty much eliminated Adcom, Fosgate, Integra, Outlaw and a few others on features alone although Im sure thier fine products in thier own regard. Am I correct in waiting for the new 1066 and BK50 to come out and decide then? Any owner opinions would be helpfull. Thanks
  • UnstableHTFReak
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2004
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    I'm in the same boat.
    I just purchased a 1098, but am having second thoughts.
    It sounds great, My primary use is HT. My issue is connecting my Sony S550 DVD player with eighter the optical or coaix, the auto sense switches from annolog to optical or coaix several times at the start and at layer/chapter changes. Resulting in about one second of audio drop out.
    I found this very annoying! Also when this occurs any temperory changes are reset ie: center/surround/sub level.
    Fortunatley my retailor has lent me the Ref.50.
    I did not experiance the switching problems with that.
    The Ref.50 has an enourmous amount of tweeking control to it. If your into that.
    The 1098 is pretty straight forward and thats a good thing too.
    I have no use for the TFT screen and turn it off when not in use.
    It also has 2 sub and 2 center pre-outs, I like that and I'm using all of them. Where as the Ref. 50 only has one of each so I will have to "Y" off the center and double "Y" off the sub. Signal reduction/loss I dont know?

    One other thing, Is there a new Ref.50 comming out? B&K just cut the price buy 1/3. Buy one know and upgrade later- no guarantees if they change the chassis.

    Good luck!!!
    Let us know what happens


    • David Meek
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
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      Hi John, welcome to The Guide. You too, Mark. :later:

      One other receiver you may want to look at is the NAD T773 that was mentioned in another thread here. Based on my memories of NAD products and their sound quality, an A/V receiver by them should be worth a listen. Just looking at the specs on the 773 and the MSRP ($1,999 US). . . well, check it out.

      Oh, I'm not a NAD owner, just a fan.

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      • Andrew Pratt
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        • Aug 2000
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        Unstable post a thread in Club Rotel about the switching and we'll get you straighten out as that shouldn'd occur.


        • Chris D
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Dec 2000
          • 16877

          I'm biased, of course, but based on the models you mentioned you may also want to look at the new Parasound Halo processor models. VERY full-featured and give outstanding performance for the price, as with the Rotel. Stop in at Club Parasound here in HT Guide, and check out:

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