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New receiver for Blu-ray speaker system

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  • New receiver for Blu-ray speaker system

    Hi all, hoping you can help me get some use out of a Sony Blu-ray Disc home theater system I received without the receiver component. The model number is BDV-E300. In this system, the Blu-ray player acts as the receiver for the speakers. My problem is I don't have the Blu-ray player. Can I buy a new receiver to use with these speakers? If so, can you recommend a solid entry-level receiver? Thanks guys, really appreciate it.


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    So you just got the subwoofer and the speakers then?

    Here's the manual for the system:

    One common issue with these "home-theater-in-a-box" systems is that they're often designed to work together and aren't optimized for use with other gear. For example, the receiver/BD combo may have built-in equalization to make the cheap speakers sound better.

    Also, it looks like the subwoofer isn't self powered, it's powered by the receiver, while standard A/V receivers just provide a line-level output for the sub.

    You're probably best off getting a decent receiver and a set of quality speakers, instead of trying to use cheap HTIB speakers with a proper system. Or look on eBay for the BD/receiver unit.


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      Thanks for your input. Yeah, I only have the speakers and the sub. The issue of powering the sub sounds tricky - you are saying that the Sony Blu-ray player/receiver outputs more power to the sub than a standard receiver would?

      I understand that these aren't quality speakers, but it would be cool to get them working. Do I have any shot at hooking them up to a receiver other than Sony's Blu-ray player?


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        That's the new versions new of what you have. $300.

        You will be hard pressed to get a new receiver for under $250. Maybe you can find a used one for $150. A bluray player is about $60 for a cheap one. Then you still have to figure out how to power the sub. Best bet is $100 for a used/inexpensive powered sub. Total of about $300 or more.

        I would buy the new one with warranty.

        So that's the unfortunate thing about HTIB systems, perfectly fine until one piece breaks (or you don't receive it).

        Kevin D.


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          Yeah that sounds like the best way to move forward. I am bummed that there's no "plug and play" solution, but the speakers were given to me for free from the previous tenant of the apartment I just moved in to, so no great loss. I guess he didn't realize the Blu-ray player was a pivotal part of the setup.

          Really appreciate the advice guys. Since we're talking about speakers, a song seems like an appropriate display of gratitude. Here you go:

          Max Graef and Andy Hart - Jungle


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