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    Our house got hit by lightning and pretty much anything in the house that carried a low voltage signal was destroyed. As an aside, Panamax didn't stop anything. Fortunately my paranoia about just this scenario caused me to have a habit of always keeping my stereo stuff shut off with a breaker when not listening. So, after collecting the insurance and getting more important things back up and running, air conditioning, phones, garage door opener, alarm system, etc. it was time to get some new tvs and dvd players. I like to stick with Samsung. I like the way their products interact with each other and I have never had any problems with their products. So, bought a 55" and a 65" SUHD tvs and a couple of their 4k dvd players. Not the curved ones, don't really like those so I stuck with flat screens. So far I am very happy with them. It is probably my imagination but, I think all content looks better on them then it did on my 2 year old Samsungs. I was surprised actually how much improvement I saw in some of the 4k Blueray discs over the regular 1081 discs.
    For me the conclusion is that they are the future and not at all a waste of time like 3d was. Content is coming fairly rapidly which will help.

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    4k definitely looks better, IMO, and if the insurance company is paying for them they look even better. For hard earned cash outlay though, I can't justify the price difference. As always, IMO and YMMV. Cheers!

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      You did get hit hard! Wow! sorry dude.
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