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Pixar's "Brave"

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  • Pixar's "Brave"

    Just took the fam to see Pixar's latest. I get the feeling that Pixar is allowing more and more Disney input into their films. It was a good, solid, film, but not one I would put in Pixar's top tiers of films.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, that Pixar has always set the bar right at the highest level, for film performance, and each film they put out is always in danger of not living up to the highest of standards that Pixar has set. Thus, this one is a very good film, but not tops.

    One minor point--IMHO, Pixar set the standard for computer digital movies right from the start, and if anything, had other companies trying to match their "look" and performance. (i.e. Pixar "Bug's Life" vs. Dreamworks "Antz") This time, though, there were several times where I was thinking "huh... the people have a similar look to Dreamwork characters, particularly from 'How to Train Your Dragon'." I guess it's not THAT bad, in that as digital imaging gets better and better, cartoon characters might start looking the same. But "The Incredibles" characters didn't look like Dreamworks characters.

    Pretty good story, not too formulaic, although it touched on themes and a few plot devices that are certainly done in a LOT of movies. PQ and AQ were excellent. Matter of fact, there are a few items from the movie, like the girl's hair, and the vivid blue of the sprites (or whatever their name was) that make me think that there's a potential that the future BD of this movie might have the best PQ of any BD ever. I'll also say that the leading girl Merida is portrayed making the most human, emotional display I've ever seen from a digital character in the climax scene of the film.

    There's a bit of social issues in the movie, but I'm glad to see that Pixar stayed away from the political preaching road that they started to go down with "Cars 2". Also, the climax of the film had an element of danger and scariness that most people wouldn't think twice about, but I think was really pushing it for my 3 year-old, and other very young children that will go see the movie.

    Good. I'm going to go with :35: out of :5: for this one. I rounded it up to 4 stars when rating it in Netflix. Was definitely worth a trip to the theater for the family.

    Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
    - Pleasantville

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    I agree completely, took the family a week or two ago. We all enjoyed it very much and it'll definitely go into the collection when released.


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      Look forward to seeing it when it gets released


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