1066 Owners, Any Regrets?

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  • Douglas_H
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2002
    • 1

    1066 Owners, Any Regrets?

    If you had it to do over again, would you still buy the 1066?
    Have you been satisfied with Rotel's support of this piece?
    They haven't seemed to respond to Mr. Pratt in a while.
    Is the Bass management a real pain or ineffective?
    For me, deciding on a pre/pro has been much tougher than I anticipated.
    My setup is HT and Stereo. Stereo playback is my prime concern.

  • Bob_N
    Junior Member
    • Oct 2002
    • 6

    Only three minor ones. No tuner, no memory setting per input and set up via OSD only.

    I just recently resolved the tuner issue by getting a hold of one, RT940AX. Not a bad tuner for what I paid for it, $95 used in mint condition.

    I hate it when switching from TV to DVD. I have to turn up the volume when watching TV. When going to DVD, the volume blasts at the same setting. Would be nice to be able for the 1066 to remember the last setting per input source.

    Last one is a pain in set up. Would be much more convenient if I could adjust all setting via the 1066 display. Right now, you have to have the OSD hooked up to your TV to fiddle with the settings. Probably my main beef as I like to tweak a bit to get the best sound from an input source.

    I run my speakers small and not into multi channel formats so bass mgmt hasn't been an issue for me.

    Love the silver color and blue-ish display as well as the support from Rotel and my local dealer. (not that I've had to use it)

    EDIT: oops, yes, I'd buy it again under the same circumstances. If I had a bit more to spend, then I might have gone up the ladder to the upcoming big brother 1098 or the Anthem AVM20.



    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      I'd but another in a heart beat...that said I sold my 1066 to get the 1055 :LOL:

      The lack of response from Rtoel lately I believe is largely due to the fact that I'm sure they're working hard trying to get the 1098 ready for irs release shortly...


      • wng
        Senior Member
        • Dec 2002
        • 102

        Happy New Year to all,

        I've no regrets. Every piece of gear will have its ergonomic issues. The 1066 has its idiosyncracies, but I don't find them hard to hurdle. And it delivers in very good sound performance for a good price, which is what I care about most. To me, the bass management issues that've been discussed aren't flaws, but design-related. I remember seeing a response from Rotel in a previous thread that said it as much.


        • nahoj
          Junior Member
          • Nov 2002
          • 21

          I think I would go with the RSP-1066 again.
          We should not forget that it´s a bargain considered that it´s an 6.1/7.1 preamp.

          It´s one of the cheapest 6.1/7.1 preamps on the market.
          You can´t get everything for that money

          But I think Rotels strongest area still are power amplifiers.

          I just sold my RDV-1080 DVD-Audioplayer and bought me an Onkyo Integra DV-S939 instead.


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