Roteldebotel!(dutch:crazy about Rotel)

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  • Jurgen
    • Jul 2003
    • 73

    Roteldebotel!(dutch:crazy about Rotel)

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have purchased two RB1070’s today! I am very excited about this! arty:

    I am planning to use them on my main speakers (elac cl 202) in a bi amping configuration. It also means I am shifting some rotel equipment in my installation:
    1 rb 1060 for the rear speakers and 1 rb1060 for center back’s(I used these to bi amp my mains). And a rb972 in bridged mode on the passive sub(also elac).
    That means I am taking away a lot of strain from the rsx 1055 (which just powers the centerspeaker). Or should I bi amp the surrounds? :sos:

    I am very anxious to try it all out, any guidelines in how to break in the rb1070’s(or more importantly: how long is it going to take )?

    I'll let you know about the first results!

  • Azeke
    Super Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
    • 2123


    There are many theories on break-in time, which I won't elaborate on here. Based on my personal experience it takes around two weeks (with sonic improvement increasing as time progresses). I actually ran my RMB-1095 for 3 days straight at reference levels (75db) to assist in the break-in process. Currently, I run my system in standby mode to keep the capacitors charged, others leave their amps always on to maintain a full charge. Your mileage may vary.

    Congratulations on your new toys,



    • Jurgen
      • Jul 2003
      • 73

      Thanks Azeke,

      Indeed the sound of the amplifiers seem to improve upon an already impressive first listening week. Especially the slight slowness in the upper bas regions has virtually disappeared(and what remained seems to be influenced by my room acoustics).

      Needless to say, I am very happy with my purchase. The detail on offer is stunning and my cd collections seems to be brand new!

      I have been following the recent subject on bi amping on this forum (started by bleakshore) and although it’s difficult for me to comment on the technical aspect of bi amping, I certainly can throw my listening experiences in the mix. With the two rb1070’s and the speaker crossovers still intact, there is no reason for me to assume a second amp is a waste of money. I will however connect one amp and let you all know about the differences(which, based on my previous bi amping configuration, can be very dramatic).
      Furthermore, I would definitely advise against the use of bridging an amplifier for hi fi purposes(I do use a bridged amp solely for a passive subwoofer). I have experimented with it and for me it was definitely a step backwards (compared with an ordinary Denon integrated amp I used at that time.)



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