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  • BobV
    Junior Member
    • Oct 2003
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    European pricing

    I am seriously looking at (and listening to) the RSX-1055. The thing I just can't get over is that in (most of) Europe we are expected to pay EUR 2000.- for this unit. That is about US $2300.-! Compared to the US $1300.- or so it costs in the States this hardly seems fair . Any comments?
  • eelco74
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2002
    • 394

    We had a Q&As ession with a guy form Rotel a few months ago.

    He did in some extend answer the question as far as I can remember.

    Remember that in the US, the market for receivers is way bigger. The probably sell a lot more of them compared to the rsp-1066. That means that the price has to be low, or at leas lower than the pre-amp.

    Compared to what you get, the rsx-1055 is cheap. You get 5 channels and a tuner extra to the 1066 for only 400 Euro's.

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    • Scarp
      Senior Member
      • Mar 2003
      • 632

      Not fair that america pays more? Lets go over some other prices from the US and europe:

      (e = euro and includes 19% dutch VAT)
      RB1070, europe e749, america $699
      RB1090, europe e2499, america $1999
      RMB1095, europe e2999, america $1999
      RSP1066, europe e1650, america $1499

      Note that with the current exchange rates of dollar and euro, that $1999 is about 1700 euro !

      Hmm... i guess americans should be lucky to have those prices
      Dont even get me started on bryston which is more or less double the price of that in canada (4bsst is e3744!).


      • zeppelin
        • May 2003
        • 67

        Not to make both of you all jealous, here we consumers in Asia get the best prices ever. Mine RSP1060 cost me only US $1000/-.
        If fact all the electronic goods in Asia cost a lot lesser compare to Europe and the US.


        • Scarp
          Senior Member
          • Mar 2003
          • 632

          Hi, I'm talking about official retail prices as proposed by the manufacturer.

          Obviously you can get the equipment cheaper due to bargains or combined orders, discounts, etc. The Rotel RSP1066 can be bought for 1200 euro instead of the Rotel price of 1650. So 10 to 20% discount can be achieved.

          Its generally known that Asia is cheap for equipment, since most of it is made there anyway and asians tend to be technology crazy (especially japanese).


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