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  • DigitalTexas
    Junior Member
    • Jul 2003
    • 5

    New to Forum

    How's it going everyone? I'm new to the forums and not quite yet a full fledged Rotel member yet(but will be as soon as I figure out if I need the 1065 or the 1055 will do.) Just wanted to introduce myself and ask what is a fair-good price for either one. Im upgrading from a very old state of the art... pro-logic based HT setup and just picked up the final piece of my speaker set(paradigm sub.) I am from Houston if geographical location is of importance or helps.
  • Danbry39
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Sep 2002
    • 1584

    Welcome to the forum DigitalTexas,

    Generally speaking, people are able to talk the price down around 10%, but that really varies. For some, the dealer won't come down at all; some dealers have even tried to jack the price up a bit. Other dealers are more liberal. It would help if two or more dealers offered Rotel in your area. That would allow for your shopping for the best price.



    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      Welcome to the forum! Good luck with the purchase. As for the price Keith's 10 percent seems to be about the norm but there's other issues at play as well such as trade in policy's and future support. Sometimes too your first purchase at a dealer might not get a large percent off but the next ones might as you build up a relationship with him...sometimes a purchase now is like an investment in an upgrade later


      • Azeke
        Super Senior Member
        • Mar 2003
        • 2123

        Welcome to the forum Digital.

        It seems that the price percentage can vary from 10-15% off MSRP, however I recall someone in the forum stating that in Houston, they did not do very well in the negotiating process (a furniture store which sells electronics, if I recall correctly), they went to a surburb of Houston to get a better deal. Perhaps that forum member will elaborate. In essence be sure to check various locations for pricing, trade-up policies, customer relations, etc.,

        I had a trade-up policy on my speakers for one year, and on my pre/pro for 90 days (which I used to update my pre/pro), however I didn't receive a large percentage discount due to the trade-up policy, but it sure is nice to have the option.

        Hope this helps,



        • Patrick TX
          Junior Member
          • Jan 2003
          • 29

          I have an EXCELLENT Rotel dealer in Texas! He has really gone the extra mile for me in all facets of the transaction. Price, communications, & service after the sale. PM me for his info if you like.
          My Equipment

          Rotel RSP-1066
          Rotel RMB-1075
          Front - B&W CDM 9NT's
          Center - B&W CDM CNT
          Surrounds - B&W LM1's
          Subwoofer - SVS PB2+
          HDTV - Pioneer Elite Pro630HD
          DVD - Panasonic DVD-RP91K, Denon DVD-1600
          SACD Changer - Sony SCD-C222ES
          PVR Box - SA Explorer 8000
          HD Box - SA Explorer 3100HD
          Gaming - Sony PS2
          Remote - Home Theater Master MX-500
          Power Conditioner - Panamax M5300
          Rack Light - Panamax RacMax


          • DigitalTexas
            Junior Member
            • Jul 2003
            • 5

            PatrickTX thanks for the hand where is this dealer located if I may ask and what are their policies regarding trade up and service? You can feel free to email me back as my PM seems to be acting funny.


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