RC1070 or RC995 matched w/ RB991

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  • luszer
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2003
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    RC1070 or RC995 matched w/ RB991

    Interested if anyone has an RB1080 or 991 teamed up with either RC1070 or older pre-amp such as RC995. In doing research, a used RC955 costs about same as a new RC1070. Wait are the differences and sonic characters on either pre-amp? Any info greatly appreciated. Tyring to make a hard decision on investing soley 2 channel or keep the HT configuration up and running and still utilize 2 channel listening

  • Danbry39
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Sep 2002
    • 1584

    Take two: I had a different response written, but I had misread your post.

    I don't have an answer to your question, other than to suggest you not necessarily restrict your search for a preamp to Rotel.

    In fact, I would post over at the Audio section of HTGuide to check out how much used Rogues or Musical Fidelity preamps might go for.

    This isn't meant as a put down on Rotel's product at all, but only to say that that isn't the only possible route available to you.



    • SIH
      Junior Member
      • Jan 2003
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      I'm currently using the 991 amp and 1070 preamp and like the combo. The RC-995 has balanced XLR outputs and balance control knob whereas the RC-1070 does not. The 1070 has a defeatable contour switch (I rarely use but has come in handy before). Aesthetically the 1070 is a better match if that's important to you at all. Sonically I couldn't really justify the difference in price when choosing between the two. In direct comparison the 1070 had a slightly blacker, quieter background. They are both pretty simple and straightfoward preamps and either way you should be happy.


      • wombat2009
        Junior Member
        • Feb 2009
        • 4

        The RC-995 is a discrete Pre amp, it uses transistors in the main signal path. The power supply is big enough for a small power amp and it has 2 diode bridges which I suspect means it has individual supplies for each channel. If your into vinyl it has mm and mc switch. So top design and components. The RC-1070 uses op amps in it's signal path, a good power supply and top components. The RC-995 is the better design and should sound better but the RC-1070 is newer and easyer to tweek. Both would be good especially with a matching rotel amp. I have the RC-995 with RB-1070 amp and they sound great to me.


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