RSX-1055 have enough power to drive these?

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  • snazzy
    Junior Member
    • Jun 2003
    • 3

    RSX-1055 have enough power to drive these?

    I am new to club rotel and I must say that this is definitely the best forum on rotel equipment. I am in the process of building a new setup and was wondering what people thought of the following speakers as a good compliment to the 1055? Does the rotel have enough power to so the following speakers justice?

    1) Paradigm studio 60's (I seriously wonder about this)
    2) Paradigm monitor 11's
    3) B&W 603 S3 or 604
    4) Mirage OM7's or 9's

    At this point I don't plan on adding an additional amp, but may in the far future. Any opinions on matching the speakers listed above with the RSX-1055 would be greatly appreciated.
  • Scarp
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
    • 632

    Sure it has the power, so does a 20watt amp.... however if you want it real loud then its not sufficient. However at normal loudness its fine.

    If you add a better amp (doesn't necessarily mean more power, but more control, higher damping factor, etc) then you will get a better sounding result.


    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      I think it depends on your view of "doing it justice" since one could argue that no receiver's amps would do quality speakers "justice". The Rotel receivers amps are very good for what they are and they'll make any speaker sing quite well but to get that last ounce of performance from them you really need a more powerful seperate amp to help control the cone movement...esp with larger speakers that are being asked to produce clean bass notes.


      • ZX 6R
        • Jan 2003
        • 64

        I certainly don't feel comfortable commenting on the other brands of products mentioned besides B&W and Rotel. I can say for certainty the 1055 will not come anywhere close to doing 604s justice so forget about that. The 603s will work but there's gonna performance left in them as well. We sell a heck of alot systems comprised of a 1055, 5 601s and then at least a ASW-600. For home theater that's really a nice balanced combo price/performance wise. If the 601 just isn't going to cut it for you music wise then you could do 3 602s in the front, but again there's gonna be performance left in them as well......At moderate volumes it'll be fine(although even at moderate volumes more power is going to give a richer more controlled sound) but if you like to rail on your system I'd maybe reccommend going to a 1065 which sounds really nice with 5 602s. Hope this was a lil helpful to you.


        • steveB
          Junior Member
          • Mar 2003
          • 26

          A friend of mine is gonna buy a 1055 , and after listeing to my 604's wants to get the same speakers . I talked him into adding an RB1080 to run the 604's. The dealer also suggeted the same to him.
          I am also getting close to adding a RB1080 to my 1065 to juice up the 604's


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