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  • How To: Measuring impedance and T/S with ARTA/LIMP

    How To: Measuring impedance and T/S with ARTA/LIMP

    With a simple jig, loudspeaker impedance and T/S parameters can be easily measured with LIMP. The same jig may also be used to measure component value for resistors, capacitors, and inductors, as well as measure transfer functions of passive and active filters.

    The setup is quite simple, the following diagram is taken from the LIMP manual:

    Measurement Jig

    This instruction is following what...
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  • Your suggestion for a measurement set up

    I plan on learning to make accurate measurements and crossover modeling. Would like to get a calibrated mic along with the needed hardware. Plan to use ARTA and VituixCAD, for now.
    I have UMIK 1 (from what I read, will not work optimally with ARTA) and a Behringer EMC8000. I don't know where to...
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  • cochinada
    started a topic ARTA - dual channel measurement

    ARTA - dual channel measurement


    Something is not right with this dual channel thing. I have a mic ECM-8000 connected to the left input and the left output directly connected to the right input. The sound card is an ART USB DualPre. After much struggling I managed to calibrate the sound card in ARTA although...
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  • oneoldude
    started a topic Please check my box

    Please check my box

    Hi all,

    I need help. I am getting back into building again. But I am not looking for a therapist. At least not yet.

    When I looked at my box full of audio measurement stuff I remembered the pia it is to drag cables and amps and pre-amps around. So I decided to come up with...
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