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  • IsoWired
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    • Oct 2003
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    Calling all Professional HOME THEATER INSTALLER/DESIGNER'S!!!

    Hi there! I work for a company that manufactures wire and cable. Ahem, the best wire and cable in the industry! Of course I have to plug that in! BUT FIRST, I need to mention that THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISMENT. I think our wire and cable IS one of the best in the industry, but I am not posting here to sell our products. I'm a fair marketer.

    I'm doing research and I need some rich content!!!! I am the web designer for our company and I put together a newsletter which goes out every month for Installers and Distributors. It's been doing quite well. We have developed a nice little community. Interest in our wire and cable products are growing tremedously! While my boyfriend is in this industry--also an installer, I can't write down 10 technical wire and cable tips each month from him, now can I!!! I really need to start some where, and I thought this would be the perfect place.

    I REALLY need something from you guys! I need YOUR expertise! I am putting together a tips and tools of the trade section for our newsletter, which will also be on our website. I would very much like to share your best wire and cable practices. The section is called the Installers Corner: Best Practices. Each month, I want to include some of the best wire/cable practices to share with other installers and industry professionals. You will get full credit for your practice and it will also be archived on our website for vistors to read. Eventually, I'd like to create a full section dedicated to installers on tips and tools. Probably some other things too, I have a lot of ideas! If you get a chance actually, I would very much appreciate it if you guy's could fill out our very short survey. This will help me deterimine what's the most important item for me to work on.

    Please email me your best practice, and of course feel free to post as well!

    our website has the last newsletter, which I plan to improve more and more as I gain more knowledge in the industry, and better content. I'm very open to new ideas also, so please feel free to tell me if there is something that installers would want to read or see!! I really appreciate the feedback!

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help on this!!! So once again, if you want to be known for your wire and cable expertise, please take part!!!

    I could really use some good practices on any of your home theater wire/cable runs that relate to any of the following: audio, video, home auto, structured wiring, or lighting control cables.

    Here is an example of a great tip I received, that I plan on using:

    Label everything. In structured wiring, (this is the short version, but
    was written in more detail by the installer) you should pull first, then
    label each structured cable, then peel back the jacket, and label each
    component, bring to destination, then do the trim. =) Good tips like this
    would be very helpful to new people in the industry, and "sloppy" workers who need to work on better practices.

    Here are some topics I posted on our newsletter. Maybe this could help?

    1. Best Practices on the organization and Installation of Structured Wiring
    Cables (or anything home theater: audio, video, home auto, structured,
    lighting..for New Residental Constructions. How do you go about making
    things easier on the home owner, and keeping things in order for your

    2. Organizing the pre-wiring for a Home Theater (such as using a rack separate from other wiring in the home to make
    things easier for the owner)

    3. Time Saving Techniques in wiring homes.

    *** Would love something on this one:

    4. How do you go about organizing a Retro when the previous designer/installer wasn't very organized? What are
    the steps you go about doing when you begin a retro job in planning out
    where the wires will go?

    Another way to look at it would be things that bother you about the way some
    people wire--for instance lack of organization. When you do a what would you
    tell them to do in order for things to work smoothly. Hope this helps give you guy's some ideas!!

    I look foward to seeing what you guys write. A detailed nice paragraph
    (perhaps even a step by step) about your personal best practice that you
    think is important for your company that you think all installers should do
    would be great, and very helpful to me. I need to be able to have it in a
    format that I can use.

    Please submit all Best Practice Entries by October 8th if you want to be included in the October issue. Any entries afterward will be considered for future issues.

    i look foward to working with some of you, thank you all for your hard work and time!



  • Lex
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Apr 2001
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    Valerie, while we appreciate you joining our forum, a few things.

    1. your username violates policy that it can't be any part of your company name.
    2. You cannot self promote your own web site. By putting the URL in, you did that.
    3. A commercial web site cannot be your personal home page for your profile.

    I really don't think we have many if any custom installers here anyway. So, you might want to find someplace else. We actually tried to cater to them at one time, with a special area for them to talk, but they didn't participate/register, etc...

    I'm removing the URLs from your post, and I'd appreciate your removing the business URL from your profile. Now, if you wanted to advertise, we could certainly find a place for you. Anything else must be cleared through management first.

    thank you,
    The management
    "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!" - Kramer


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