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Who knows record values?

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  • Who knows record values?

    I'm hoping someone here can help me determine the value of a record I found yesterday. I was helping out my mom by cleaning out her garage and found a box of records I must have left there almost 40 years ago and forgot. Fortunately I had the forsight to at least tape the box and wrap it in plastic so no dirt got in.

    Most were trash can items, lot's of scratches from being played and handled while in altered states, 60's style. However, there are a few gems.

    One of which is a still sealed Beatles album, Yesterday and Today. Capitol Records, ST 2553. I vaguely remember my girlfriend at the time giving it to me.

    I have been trying to discover it's value. I found none at GEMM and the only sealed versions I found at Music Stack were mono and one was for about $1300 and the other was listed somewhere around $2300. I don't ever use Ebay so, am not sure if there is a way to get values from there.

    Anybody know if the stereo version is more desirable or less desirable than the mono?

    The reason it is sealed is I didn't then, nor do I now, care for the Beatles. So, figure this one goes for sell to finance something I like. Maybe a bunch of R&B. A genre that is lacking in my vinyl collection.

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    Way to go, Bob!

    Here's something I found on a Beatles discography site: Beatles-Discography

    Scroll down until you see the album name (about half-way down). You may have a bunch of money on your hands. :T

    David - Trigger-happy HTGuide Admin


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      Thanks David.
      Another person gave me a link that is just about this album cover. It sounds like I have the second version, or the third version. Evidently the second version is a picture pasted over the original picture. The third version is simply the trunk picture with no butcher picture underneath.

      The problem is, you can't tell without peeling back part of the cover. Since this is still in the shrink wrap I am reluctant to do this. Maybe with a little luck I can find someone in LA that can resolve this for me.


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        With a little digging. I got to the bottom of this album. It has a stamp on it that says Gold Record Award which means the cover on the sleeve doesn't have another picture underneath it.

        So, it is simply a sealed copy of a old Beatles album. It's wasted on me but, I'm sure that I can find someone that likes the Beatles to give it to.


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          Glad to hear you got to the bottom of it. I was curious how this would turn out for you. Sorry to hear it isn't worth more.
          "I have come here, to chew bubblegum and kickass. And I'm all out of bubblegum!!!"


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            I had heard there were people out there that didn't like the Beatles... but I always thought they were mythical.... ya know like unicorns or something! 8O

            : :rofl:


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              I don't dislike them. I'm just not moved by them. I like the other two genres of music better, both country and western.


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