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New Honeywell thermostat

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  • New Honeywell thermostat

    Looks like if I ever get another house, this will be my choice of programmable thermostats. Pretty cool product seems like. Voice command and wi-fi.

    "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!" - Kramer

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    I don't know. I'm beginning to think the old simpler ways are better.

    See Google Predicts Ads in Odd Spots Like Thermostats for a reality check!

    Imagine wanting to turn up the room temperature, but having to endure a 3 min advert for pullovers first!

    8O :roll:
    - Mike

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      Hmm, don't know about this. I just know that money we spent on Honeywell for thermostats in the office a few years ago and they have not worked as well as the ones we replaced. Plus I wasn't impressed with the quote that they sent me on the replacing the boilers. They went high end and when I went back to them with a competitive quote, they went 'Oh, why didn't you say budget was an issue'.

      Ever since then I have done my best to not purchase anything Honeywell.

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        Neat but if I'm going to that level of technology I'm doing a whole home automation that ties lighting, HVAC etc all together in one system.


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          Seems like overkill. I have an older Honeywell digital thermostat with 7-day programming, and individual morning, daytime, evening and night settings for each day, which makes it as customizable as one can wish for. At first I had it set at lower temps in the daytime, and at night when no one is home or asleep, thinking I would save on fuel costs. I discovered that its more economical to maintain the thermostat at one temp setting 24/7, in which case an inexpensive manual thermostat would have worked just as well.


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            ok, interesting series of responses.

            Glen, I have a 20 year old Honeywell digital thermostat too. It's got 4 zones per day. It's been an amazing product, in fact, this is the second one I have owned. I put one in another house I owned and sold it with house.

            What I found was, the old manual thermostats were never accurate. They would come on, and lock on for long periods of time, or they'd go off and stay off to long. There was no temperature sensitivity. I found with the Honeywell, there WAS a higher degree of sensitivity. Even if you choose not to use the zones, it is a better thermostat.

            I doubt I need the new touch screen one. If I can still get one like I have, that may still be just fine with me.

            Glen, I don 't change my settings as widely as I used to. I think it can be efficient to safe a little with a couple of degree change here and there for a few hours. But dialing it back to far, is a dis-savings. I do believe that.
            "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!" - Kramer


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              Well we used to pay 150+ a month leaving our thermostat around 68 degrees, now we have it programmed to be 65 during the day and 60 at night and we rarely see a bill over 100 dollars.


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                I'm confused, you talking winter bill? It would cost a lot more in the summer with AC to go 65 and 60. BRRRR too...

                That sounds like a winter plan. What's your summer plan? not a big deal where you are at now?

                When it was SO HOT a year or two ago, I had to keep it cold to start out in the AM, and let it run all day to watch it go up a few degrees and still be livable at night. My system could not keep pace. I hope it doesn't do that this year. Surprisingly, it was never extremely expensive. Ok, it was bad, but not BAD BAD BAD.
                "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!" - Kramer


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                  We don't have central air we use window units. We are usually around 150 a month for electric in the summer but we only cool part of our house.


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                    I put two of the Nest thermostats in my house in VA. The Honeywells look nice also though I'm staying cheap now, using what is already in the new house.


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                      On a related note. Anyone aware of a thermostat that can run mixed use (forced air and electric radiant floor) as separate "zones" with independent scheduling etc?


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                        Interesting--not sure, Jason.

                        I'm a very heavy user of URC, and they've gotten very involved with automation, both their own products, and integrating with 3rd parties, including Honeywell and other thermostats. I haven't swapped out my thermostats yet, but that's on my list. Through my URC interfaces/remotes, I can definitely control everything centrally, though. Lighting, HVAC, security, A/V, locks, garage doors, cameras, networking, etc, etc.

                        Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
                        - Pleasantville


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