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SVS induced picture distortion...

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  • SVS induced picture distortion...

    I have a Samsung 47" tabletop HD RPTV. The other day I was testing out my new SVS PB12-Ultra/2 w/some music, while watching tv & the whole left side of the picture distorted to the beat. :evil: 8O I did have the music up loud. :E :T

    What should I do? Warranty repair? Put vibrapods under tv? Both?

    I do plan on moving the sub to the opposite corner, which will be alot further away from the tv.

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    How close together are the TV and the sub? Is the TV a CRT unit, or LCD/DLP?

    CRT sets can be affected by the magnetic fields from speakers and subs. RPTV sets can exhibit geometry distortion and convergence issues. Direct-view sets will show color distortion if the shadow mask in the CRT gets magnetized.

    If it's a digital (DLP or LCD) set, perhaps the vibrations are causing the screen or internal components of the set to vibrate, distorting the image. Moving the sub away from the TV will help this as well.


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      It's a CRT. It's not distortion from magnetic field. The sub is on the right side of the tv, distortion on the left.

      The picture ripples with the beat. Just like I see in my car when subs are bumping & it distorts smoke from my cigarette.


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        Leave it, or better, make it worse to show all your friends the TRUE power of your system when they come to demo!

        Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
        - Pleasantville


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          Jerry, what type of floor are the TV and sub resting on? Slab? Pier & Beam? Upstairs on joists? That'll have a great deal to do with the steps you can (or can't) take to cure this.

          David - Trigger-happy HTGuide Admin


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            If it's just a ripple, it's probably the screen stack vibrating. Moving the sub further away from the TV might help. Or examine the screen and see if the panels are looser on the left side than the right.


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              Maybe it was just your eyeballs rattling :??
              Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here.


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                  First, I'd say quit smoking. Like Bond says, filthy habit. Today is my 6 month anniversary quiting. Best decision I ever made.

                  As to your sub, try a different cable first.

                  "I'm out there Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!" - Kramer


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                    I'm on the second cable. No difference.


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                      how far is the sub away from the TV? The reason I'm curious is that I'm thinking about the PB12Plus/2 to replace my PCi20-39. I didn't notice any picture distortion with the PCi and it was less than 5 ft away from the TV when I used it for about 2 weeks.


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