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  • Maykel
    Junior Member
    • Nov 2003
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    Rotel Question

    Hi there!

    I'm getting a bit confused by now and I'm hoping that someone can give me a good bit of advice here.. In Holland we don't have that much experts on Rotel equipment since it is a whole lot more expensive than in the US..

    Basically I'm looking for a new system that has both A/V and (excellent)stereo qualities in it. I was told I should look voor an amp that seriously drives the speakers (lots of current) instead of being misled by huge amounts of Watts in the specs. NAD or Rotel would be a good choice. Both brands seem OK to me, but I like the Rotel series a bit better.. they just have this firm, high quality thing over them.

    OK.. is it safe for me to settle for the RSX1055/RDV1060 (player) combo when I want a high quality stereo sound or should I get at least the 1065 or perhaps even a separate power amp? And if the answer should be 'separates', are the pre amp qualities of a 1055 good enough of is there a real difference with those of the RSP1066? In other words.. is the difference in price of a 1066/1075/1080 (tuner) compared to the price of a single 1055 or 1065 worth the difference in sound?

    I have to say I haven't really made up my mind yet when it comes to the speakers.. Listened to some Totem models (Staff) and they really appeal to me. B&W 600's are a bit 'hollow' IMHO. Had the opportunity to listen to the new 704's but they just came out of the box and weren't broken in yet so I can't fairly judge them. The mid section seemed great tho.

    Should I also consider NAD? (T762 w/ 752 player i.e.)

    A lot of thanks in advance for any suggestions or comment!

    Greets from (rainy) Holland

  • Andrew Pratt
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
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    The 1055 paired with a good rotel power amp is definatly a better choice then the 1065 for music. The 1055 has enough power for most surround speakers but adding a nice 5 or 2 channel amp for the mains is a great way to improve its 2 channel performance.

    As for the 1055 vs 1066 look back a few threads someone else was asking the exact same question


    • mazuly
      Senior Member
      • Feb 2003
      • 238


      I do agree with Andrew regarding the amp part, and just have another comment to add.

      RDV-1060 will be an excellent player for movies and DVD-A disks but the Rotel CD players will outperform it for 2 channel music playback. RDV-1060 will sound better than most DVD players and budget CD players out there but it will not be as good as a good CD player for 2 channel music. I know that since I own a RDV-1080 and have tested it against RCD-1072 (mind you I did not do it at my house going through my RSP-1098 ). The analog sound of the RCD-1072 was quite better than that of RDV-1080.

      So, if the 2 channel music sound is important to you, then you should also look at a good CD player to go with your system as well.

      Good luck,


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