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B&W 700 S2 series quality control

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  • B&W 700 S2 series quality control

    Hey guys

    I picked up a pair of B&W 705 S2s at the end of last year and I've been really impressed with the sound. Back in January I noticed one of the drivers had a bump on it - so I went back to the dealer and they replaced it without any issues. Fast forward two months, and I've just noticed that the opposite speaker has some really obvious indents from screws/bolts from the inside - holding the cabinet together I'd imagine. Has anyone else noticed this on the new series? To say I'm disappointed is an understatement - seems like they cut corners on this new series as I've never experienced anything like this in 15 years+ of owning B&W products. Maybe I just have bad luck?

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    Sadly, welcome to the world of Chinese quality control.

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      Hi jack667,

      This certainly doesn't look the usual Bowers & Wilkins quality.

      I know it's a few months on, however, have you considered getting in direct contact with their customer support?

      They have a freephone number: 0800 232 1513, if you raise the issues with them, they may well investigate a resolution.

      It's worth a try. You'll never know unless you ask.


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        That is bad isn't it! It looks like the grille magnets I think (hole for them not drilled deep enough) but it definitely should be something picked up in QC. I'd be onto them in a flash about it, or back in the shop about it. If you don't get any responses share them photos on Facebook or whatever saying you are being ignored and tag B&W in it.

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          hi jack667,

          How did you get on with speaking with B&W, any joy?

          Noticed you'd also posted this in AV Forums.

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            Very late to reply, but Alaric is correct.
            I purchased the HTM-71 and HTM-72 and both of them had issues from the factory. The HTM-71 had a large dent in the wood. The HTM-72 had a crack in the back.
            I raised the issue with B&W the day I opened the box. And sadly, it was about 3 months of fighting back and forth with B&W about the issue. From the first day, they did not want to admit to fault at all. No matter what department I talked to.
            I've owned B&W since the 600 s3 came out. Then Nautilus series. Then 800S series. All made in UK. I've had issues twice, both were malfunctions during a move, and B&W helped me right away.
            The new B&W though, there is an issue from the factory and they did not want to budge at all. They made all kind of excuses.
            Unfortunately, today's B&W is not the same B&W that was great back then.
            I personally will not be going back to B&W for any of their newer products. I don't see the point of spending thousands on an item only to have the company not back up their word.
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              It is the same with Rotel They wont acknowledge they have a faulty CD drive in their new cd players. Its very noisy on the first 1 or 2 tracks of all my cd's. I have been talking to a lot of people who has the new Rotel CD player and they have the same issues as I have. But Rotel denies that there is a problem.


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