Look out, people. Trouble ahead.... ?

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  • George Bellefontaine
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Jan 2001
    • 7637

    Look out, people. Trouble ahead.... ?

    I just read where Fox is re-releasing several dvd titles in P & S to make all those J6P's happy who hate those black bars. Some of the titles listed included Cast Away, Independence Day, The Abyss, Edward Scissorhands, etc.,etc.
    Now they can release all the damn P&S titles they want as long as they serve up my copy in its original widescreen aspect ratio. But does this mean future titles will be P&S only ? The thought is scary. Worst is, Joe is going to be awfully sore when he buys his new widescreen tv and sees those black bars on the sides.

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  • David Meek
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 8938

    edited for content by DWM

    That is really sad. Pandering to the short term profit margin and ignoring the long term benefits of educating J6P to seeing the whole movie...

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    • JonMarsh
      Mad Max Moderator
      • Aug 2000
      • 15209

      When you have your first economic slow down in roughly a ten year period where the economic focus/horizon has moved steadily closer, I'm sure some marketeer someplace is dislocating their shoulder from patting themselves on the back so hard, for coming up with this idea to "spike" sales with J6P.

      Afterall, DVD has become a mass market item.

      It's amazing how many low buck DVD players you can find at Best Buy- all the way down to $89.95- but don't try to find a really good one there. It seems like they have more models below $200 than above. They may have Sony, but you won't find any Sony ES.

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      • Huskerduck
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Oct 2000
        • 129

        P&S Abyss?

        they didnt even make the first one anamorphic, Jeesh I guess us progressive widescreen owners will never be able to see this title correctly


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        Ducks Meager Theater


        • George Bellefontaine
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Jan 2001
          • 7637

          Looks that way, Mark. For a while there I thought Fox was smartening up with many new titles in anamorphic and excellent transfers to boot. Now I dunno.

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          • Lex
            Moderator Emeritus
            • Apr 2001
            • 27461

            Gentlepeople, I think there is very good reason to be concerned, not only by this, but the fact that DVD is completely mainstream now. Let us "hope" that they remember who put DVD on the map. Go ahead, include J6P's P&S crap on the back side of my original aspect ration copy, but don't think for a minute we, the home theater buying public will stand for transition away from widescreen. We will walk, and leave them on the shelves. After all, we have a lot of movies to watch already, and some a kick ass stereo. Thanks, but no thanks, we don't need to pay for something we don't see. (cropped edges).

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            • Bing Fung
              Ultra Senior Member
              • Aug 2000
              • 6521

              Well that doesn't sound like something I would care for.

              All the OAR proponents, why is the reverse OK? I'm refering to the original 4:3 Imax version of Super Speedway redone in 16:9 wide screen.

              Isn't this exactly what we don't like, the changing of the OAR? :twisted:



              • GregoriusM
                Super Senior Member
                • Oct 2000
                • 2755

                Originally posted by Bing Fung
                Isn't this exactly what we don't like, the changing of the OAR? :twisted:

                How are the 16:9 televisions ever going to become more commonplace, and more decently priced, if there is no reason to even buy them. If everything goes back to P&S.

                Darn it, you've got a double-side ability on the disks, put the P&S on the back if you absolutely have to, but don't take away the OAR!!!


                • Bob Santos
                  Senior Member
                  • Mar 2001
                  • 273

                  Yes, ,we may be the ones who supported DVD from the beginning, and helped put DVD on the map. Unfotunately we are becoming the minority oppinion. I hear all to often " DVD's are great and all, but I hate those black bars".
                  If Jsp want his whole screen to be filled with less picture then I have a feeling he will get it

                  I have seen on a few DVD's that contain both widescreen, and P&S
                  a little example of what the differences are, ,showing screen shots of both ratio's side by side. If more DVD's had this I think it would help more people understand, and in the end I think JSP will rather see the whole picture.



                  • Sonnie Parker
                    • Jan 2002
                    • 2858

                    I'm seeing more and more people become interested in DVD. Heck, all the video stores are stackin' em in pretty good now. It's really started to blossom over the last few years for the mass. Especially as the prices become extraordinarily less and less. Many of these people, such as several of my family members and friends are buying the box systems at places like Wal-Mart and K-Mart (where I purchased my daughter's Sanyo 35" TV for $500). The box systems are no doubt the mass marketed item and obviously appeal to many. $300 DVD systems were flying off the shelves at Christmas time. Parents buying for kids and first time DVD buyers that know no other than Wal-Mart, etc. (I love shopping at Wal-Mart myself).

                    My friend (Matdog) said he wanted a complete system and wasn't going to spend but so much. He is perfectly happy. That's what counts I suppose. I'm happy for him. Except he don't like the letterbox bars on his 27" TV, especially at 15 feet away. Hmmmm! I told him before he went and bought him a DVD system he should consider that most DVD's are going to be this way as it is intended to be. He wants P&S and could care less about intentions. He's barking and so are the mass.

                    The mass is complaining and the mass is beginning to get more and more of what they want. Mass is money and money talks.

                    On the other hand, videophiles spend much more per system, and expect accuracy. It matters!

                    As the prices of quality widescreen sets become more and more affordable, and HDTV becomes more available, the mass is going to be stepping in more frequently. Accuracy should eventually become the norm for them as well. It's only a few more years away when P&S will be rare.


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